Book review: FALLEN FLAME by J.M. Miller

Title: Fallen Flame (Fallen Flame #1)
Author: J.M. Miller
Daniela’s rating: 2.5 stars

Daniela’s review

**ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Well, another book that I didn’t love. This must be an epidemic or something, because seriously, how is it possible that I just don’t like the books I read? Jeez.

Nineteen years ago, on the island kingdom of Garlin, a girl was born. With charred skin as rough as rock, Vala was instantly feared. For how could one be scorched by magic when it had perished ages before?

Recognizing an asset, the royal family welcomed her on their Guard. Her detail: the prince.
To watch. To protect. She has grown with him, lives her life for him.

When the high kingdom’s princess comes to assess the prince, assassins of rival courtiers come to claim his life. One nearly succeeds in his mission. But with shadowy movements and charred skin like her own, Vala knows he is not like the rest.

As threats to the prince continue and questions about Vala’s life begin to rise, she faces a fear worse than fire or water, worse even than losing him.

She fears finding out who she truly is. 

Well, at first I was truly interested in the book. When I read the blurb it got my attention and I thought it would be something I would enjoy. And I did, but man, it took SO LONG for me to start enjoying it.

The story itself is too slow. The first 60% of the book could’ve been told in less pages, saving us a lot of time. It felt like it dragged too much on the same things, the same details, without revealing anything at all. So I was as blind and unknowing at 50% as I was when I started the book. So that made the whole experience kind of boring. I mean, I still wanted to know what the hell was happening, but I still got bored at times. Around 65 or 70%, the plot started to pick up a bit, making it a lot more interesting.

So, let me tell you a bit about the story. Vala is this young girl who’s grown along their prince, they’re friends and sometimes it feels like they’re more or that they could be more, but the thing is, Vala isn’t like everyone else. She has charred skin and can burn other with barely touching. She’s feared by mostly everyone, making her the perfect guard for her beloved prince. So at a young age, she swore to protect him at all costs, even if that means her life.

At first I liked her, she was a misunderstood girl, who had a crush on her friend who happened to be the prince. As the book went on, her story started to became a little boring, because it kept being told and retold in the same way, no new additions or anything that would give us something, so it started to feel repetitive and made me lose my interest more often than not.

Then we had the prince, who started off as someone I would like, but then became such a fucking prick. I can’t even bother to talk about him.

Then we have the weird stranger who may or may not know something about Vala and what she is. He’s mysterious and entertaining. He seems to know a lot, but like everything else, it takes too long to know or understand what he actually knows.

Towards the end of the story, the pace picked up and so did the characters. Some of them started to show their true colors, including Vala’s and her personality got stronger and deeper than it was at first which I enjoyed. I think that, yes, the pace was slow and I don’t have anything against that. My main problem was that even though some things were truly interesting and honestly got my attention, some other bothered me way too much. Like, the lack of information. Nothing was said until almost the very end, there were almost no clues as I was reading, so when everything was said and done at the end, it felt a bit rushed and weird.

I wished I’d liked this one a lot more than I did.

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