Book Review: Fury (The Seven Deadly #3) by Fisher Amelie


Title: Fury (The Seven Deadly #3)
Author: Fisher Amelie
Rating: rating-5

**ARC provided in exchange for honest review**

“I should’ve quelled the fury that rose so easily in my heart and soul and mind and hands.”

furyFisher Amelie, once again you’ve amazed me, not that I ever doubted it, but I thought you’d like to know that.

This woman knows exactly how to get inside your heart; how to break it and fix it in a matter of pages, lines, words. I believe she’s the queen of teasing. She gives little pieces of stolen moments, moments that are sweet and adorable, and that will melt your heart completely, but these moments, they’re also the perfect mix for a heartbreak and even so, I can proudly say that I am deeply and intensely in love with her books. I read the previous two books a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t stay away from them. Each book has given me so many things to think about, so many feelings, and this is no different. This book has a new level of intensity, of raw heartache and hurt, but it also has so much love in it, and this love gives us an opportunity to see the beauty of life itself.

Fury is the third book of The Seven Deadly series, which is focused on Ethan Moonsong’s life after Cricket and Spencer. We had a few glimpses of who he was in Greed, but those few moments didn’t do justice to the complex character that he is. From what we got in the second book of the series, we know he’s very possessive about the things and people he cares about. We know he likes to keep things to himself. We know he doesn’t like to rely on anyone, other than himself. And we know he has a character. He’s not an easy person to get to know, and to love, but there is so much more we don’t know about him, and that had me very intrigued. First impressions are important, but they’re certainly not everything.

Life after Cricket Hunt was miserable for Ethan. He had so much to suffer for, and he could only drown it all by drinking until he passed out. It helped him keep everything hidden, away from the heart to feel. It helped him keep himself numb to the pain and to the world around him. It’s been such a lonely and sad life for Ethan, and this has only been fueling his anger towards everything around him. So much so that he can only think of one thing: revenge. It’s not until someone finally pays attention to him, really pays attention, that he starts seeing things differently. Whoever thinks they can do everything by themselves, and that they won’t ever need the help of someone who wants to help… well, they’re set for a lonely and hard life. Sometimes, certain people cross our paths to help us deal with something, to help us heal, or just help us smile. That was Finley to Ethan. That was Ethan to Finley. Both needed someone to help them heal, to save them, and that’s exactly what they got. We can always pray to God and hope that everything will turn out just fine.

I truly believe Fury is the darkest of the three books so far. The title itself can give you an idea of the feelings you’ll get while you’re reading this book, and even so, you won’t see it all coming. It has twists I wasn’t expecting, decisions I didn’t like, moments I was dreading. I can honestly see why someone might have mixed feelings about this book. It wasn’t my case, but I can understand. This book is intense, dark, and painful. It exposes truths we don’t often acknowledge because it’s not happening to me, which is sad. It exposes the difficulties of believing in something, and what it means to act upon those beliefs. It shows us how simple it can be to make a decision, and how hard it can be to keep being true to yourself. How do you stay on the right path, when you feel you’ve lost yourself in the process?

“Ethan Moonsong was born a warrior.”

No truer words were ever said. Ethan was, is, and will always be a warrior. He fights for what is right, he fights to protect, he fights to survive, he fights to love. When I say he’s complex, because he has so many feelings, thoughts inside him, but still, he’s pretty easy to figure out, because he wears those feelings on his face, in his eyes, his actions. It’s easy to know when he’s afraid, when he’s happy, when he’s sad, when his mind is set. The problem is, you might never find out why he’s feeling what he’s feeling. He’s always been the one in charge of his life, he’s always be the one people rely on. But now might be the time he finally lets himself fall, for real this time, and he’ll give himself the opportunity to trust, to believe, and to love someone with all his heart, body and soul.

“Finally,” I whispered into his ear.
“Finally,” he whispered back.

Finally. Well, if there’s something particular of Fisher’s books is that there’s always something special that has stayed with me. With Fury, the word “finally” took a whole new meaning. It meant desperation, frustration, tiredness, need, want, trust, love. I won’t say anything else about it, only that I loved the way it was always said. It had something beautiful and meaningful.

Finley Dyer. Fisher, you only know how to write strong girls, and I applaud you for that. She’s a free spirit, a happy girl, with a beautiful heart. She’s known pain, she’s seen the ugly side of life more times she’d should, and even still, she manages to help people, to care, and more importantly, to trust. That’s admirable. I loved the way she managed to overcome her demons, to keep her past in the past, and not let it define her.

“She was that everything. She was my foundation, my supporting walls, my attic full of secrets, my sheltering roof. She was my home.”

I can’t tell you how much I loved this book. I was frustrated, scared, sad, content, nervous, happy, afraid, all in that order, but I can honestly say that if I could read this series again for the first time, I would do it without hesitating. It is beautiful, and it holds emotions that will get in your heart, that will demand you to feel, and each of them has something remarkable to acknowledge and learn.

I can’t wait to read the rest of this series. I know it will be simply amazing.


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