Book review: I’LL MAKE YOU MINE by Gia Riley

Title: I’ll Make You Mine
Author: Gia Riley
Daniela’s rating: 3.75 stars

Daniela’s review

**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

This is my first book by Gia Riley and I really enjoyed it.

A girl who’s ready to love.

A guy who only wants one girl.

Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?


With a twin sister encouraging her to hook up with all the wrong people, Zoe’s being pulled in a million different directions.

Dylan Tuner can’t stand by and watch it happen. He’s tired of loving Zoe Allen from a distance, and he’s more determined than ever to escape the friend zone.

Can Dylan get his best friend to fall for him before they graduate college? Or does Zoe already have a plan of her own?

Two best friends.

Two polar opposites.

One final chance.

I really enjoyed this book. I actually read it in just a couple of days after starting it, because I found it so cute and adorable.

This is a sweet kind of story. We have the best friend falling for each other, but they don’t want to ruin what they have story and I felt it was done very sweetly and just so pure. On one side, we have Zoe Allen, who’s this girl that’s so devoted to her classes and getting into med school she doesn’t have time for anything other than her studies and her best friend, Dylan. Then we have Dylan, who’s the perfect best friend, and I mean that in the best possible way. He’s always there for Zoe, no matter what, but for a while now he’s realised that his feelings for her go a little over the friend-line. Both love their friendship over anything else, they care about each other more than they do anyone else, so will they take this leap of faith and give themselves a chance?

I felt this book was just such a sweet story. Fast paced and the narration is great. We have dual POV, and I found Dylan’s side of the story a lot more interesting and relatable than Zoe. She’s the kind of girl who’s just way too oblivious to everything that surrounds her and sometimes that got a little annoying. She finds comfort in her routines and quietness, which is the opposite of her twin sister who’s always drawing attention from anyone who’s willing to give it. Somehow they complete each other and sometimes I found myself being able to relate, since my sister and me are kind of like that. Not as much they are, because we’re not a “slut” or a “nerd” (hate to use those words -.-), but to some degree, yeah. I guess, we all need someone to bring out a “wilder” side of us and sometimes we need to help other tame theirs. It’s all about balance, I believe, and Zoe needed to adjust hers.

But somehow, my attention was always drawn to Dylan. He, on the other hand, is this attentive and thoughtful guy and I could see how deep his feelings for Zoe ran, which I loved. He was also funny and just the perfect guy to have around. He wasn’t all too risky, but he liked to try new things and understood that sometimes risks had to be taken, in order to get what you wanted, so that’s what he did.

I believe the writing was great, like I said, it was a fast paced kind of book. It’s super sweet and kind of predictable, but it’s worth a try if you’re looking for something like that. I’ll admit though, towards the end things took what felt like a weird direction, at least for me. I felt like some things were rushed and pushed into the reader. I wasn’t that it was bad, but more like unexpected and a bit unnecessary. But hey, that’s jut me 🙂 It doesn’t take the good parts away though, because at the end of it, I could smile back and think it was a good read.

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