Book Review: In The Fields by Willow Aster

In The Fields

Willow Aster

5 stars

in the fields

I’ve had just about 24 hours to gather my thoughts and write this review. I’m still not sure what words I can use to describe In The Fields.

First you should know, this is a 5+ star read! Have you ever read a book that feels sooo real, it makes you contemplate the way you’re living your life? No?? Well read this book and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Caroline and Isaiah are beautiful characters living in a treacherous world with some not so nice people. My heart shattered for them. I have an all new appreciation for every single person in my life because of them.

Isaiah Isaiah Isaiah…his words spoke to me so much! I felt his love on every page, every sentence, and every last word!

I recommend this to any and everyone!!! I dare you not to shed a single tear…I dare you!!!!

5 stars

Ok so… Wow! Willow Aster, this is seriously an amazing book. When I first started reading this book I wasn’t expecting it to be so devastatingly beautiful… Seriously! I would give it more stars if I could.

So, while I was reading In The Fields, I could only think how hard it must’ve been back then, because there were so many thing’s you just thought “Ok, people couldn’t actually behave like this or treat another human being this way!”. That made me so sad and so mad sooooo many times, not at the book of course, but at the situation.

The characters were amazing, I’m so impressed because I fell in love with every single one of them, with the exception of one, of course (the mother), but the rest of them were so full of love and compassion and tolerance, it was incredible. Caroline is just a girl, but has to go through so many things, she has to grow up pretty fast. And after everything, she still manages to love and trust people. She definitely has a good heart.

Isaiah.. I just loved him. Everything he felt he said it and he used to say the sweetest things. I just felt every word he said. I felt for them every time they had to face another rude comment or a difficult situation. Papa, Ruby and Gracie you were the best.

This is one beautiful story. Every bad situation leads to something good and amazing. Loved it.

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