Book review: IN THE WAKE OF WANTING by Lori L. Otto

inthewakeofwantingTitle: In The Wake Of Wanting
Author: Lori L. Otto
Daniela’s rating: 4 stars

Daniela’s review

This book is not part of a series and can be read as a standalone, but know that it involves characters from books previously written by Lori. If you’re familiar with her books, you already know Trey, so there’s a huge chance that you already love him.

Even before the second semester of his sophomore year at Columbia began, Trey Holland knew his life would be completely different by the end of it. He had yet to meet the pretty–yet flustered–freshman who he’d be mentoring on the school paper. He had yet to discover the despicable secrets his new best friend was hiding.

All Trey knew at the time was that the relationship with his high school sweetheart was nearing its end.

In those days before the spring semester began, life for Trey was simple. School was a place to learn. His fraternity was a community of like-minded brothers. Life was full of well-intentioned people. Complications were tiny bumps in the road, easily smoothed over, leaving no trace behind.

In a matter of weeks, Trey is thrust into a jaded reality brought on by choices he makes and by the vile actions of those around him. It won’t take long for him to look back and see the wreckage left in the wake of wanting.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Portions of this book deal with the sensitive subject of rape and sexual abuse. While the incidents are not ‘experienced’ first hand, they are retold in hindsight by characters. The descriptions of the events are brief, and while they are not graphic, they may be considered disturbing to some.

By now, you’ve probably realized I have this soft spot for Lori’s books. I’ve read most of them and I have to say, I’ve loved them all. She knows how to write a book. Anyone who’s read anything by her must realize that, because her books are so incredibly everything, I mean, I know that’s not an adjective, but they’re just so good and they just make you feel like you’re part of the story and she just doesn’t leave anything out. Everything is detailed perfectly and you just can’t get enough. You’re never lost and you’r always captivated by the story.

In this book we get to see (or meet, for those who haven’t) Trey Holland, son of Jack Holland and Emi Hennigan. I have to say, I first went into this book thinking I could not see Trey as anything other that this sweet little kid. I first met him in Lori’s previous books, when he was barely a kid, playing all day and being sweet and cute as hell. He’s always been good. It’s as if goodness flowed in his veins rather than blood, so reading this book allowed me to see a completely new side of him, one I never thought I’d get to see. Which was good. Really, really good. He’s not that little kid anymore, nope, he is not.

“With passion and heat… and a little mystery. Utterly unbridled. Not rough, but definitely rash. And out of control.”

Some of the characters involved in this story I’ve already met and fallen in love with, so seeing them again is like seeing an old but great friend, after so long. It’s comforting, knowing how their lives turned out to be <3 It fills my heart with happiness. Now, the new characters that appeared here… well, some are now part of this huge family that Lori has created, one that will always stay with me, and some… Well, it’s better if I don’t ever think about them.

First things first. Coley. What a great girl. Oh my god. I don’t think there’s a better match for Trey, even though their timing SUCKS SNOW CONES. She’s the very opposite of Zaina, Trey’s long over-due sweetheart. When one is clingy and annoying, the other one is understanding and just plain cool. So, meeting Coley gave us the opportunity to see Trey in this whole new form. She transformed, or better yet, allowed the real Trey to come out, and be happy with himself. Coley is completely genuine and true to herself. She’s comprehensive and loyal and caring but most importantly, she challenges him. She lets him be himself and encourages him to explore new things. She’s everything Trey needs.

You want to know what I liked the most about this book? The struggle Trey had to endure. He had this inner war between his heart and his mind. He had to fight urges to do what felt right for him, but knew wasn’t right for others. That’s Trey though. He’s always put everyones feelings into account. It doesn’t mean he does nothing for his feelings, but he knows how to be patient and wait for his time. Being good is all his ever known. We’re always reading about the bad boy redeeming himself, but never, or almost never, the good guy doing something not so good, we never see the good guy having this inner war with his feelings. Should he stay with one girl and be unhappy? Or should he walk away, be happy and break one girl’s heart? This book shows us a rebellious, more adventurer side of Trey. And let me tell you, it’s far more interesting this way.

Zaina can suck it.

Now, the story… Well, I wasn’t expecting it to turn out this way. I mean, I think I went into this book partially blind, because I actually didn’t see somethings coming and the way it is told… It brings up subjects that are completely real and, I can’t say for sure that that’s how it usually is, because thank god I haven’t been in that position, but it felt completely real. The heartache, the sadness of the entire situation and even the helplessness at some points. We live in a world where people do bad things to other people. Innocent people. Just for the fun of it, like, it doesn’t matter, the hurt it can cause. So, this might pop people’s bubble about how things are usually handled, and how they should be. It’s not like it’s extremely graphic or anything, but the way it was told, the details a, it felt realistic enough and kept loyal to the situation nd talked about the importance of it, the gravity of it, while being respectful.

Guys. Please read this book. Read all of Lori’s books, I promise, you’re in for a journey of yes, I’m not going to lie, some heartache and sadness, but there’s also so much happiness and the deepest of loves.



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