Book Review: Iniquity (The Premonition #5) by Amy A. Bartol

iniquityName: Iniquity (The Premonition #1)
Author: Amy A. Bartol
Daniela’s Rating: 3 stars 

Daniela’s review

I highly recommend that, if you haven’t read the previous books, maybe you’ll want to skip this one out. I can’t promise it won’t have any spoilers or hints about how the story unfolds, because… I have so many questions. So many things going through my mind. I need to vent.

Two years. I waited two years for this book and it’s finally here. I can’t believe I read it so quickly. I should’ve taken a few more pauses and breaks, so I could’ve had this book for a couple more days with me. But, can you really blame me? I’ve been waiting TWO YEARS.. And now I’ve read it. And now, I don’t know what to think.

Before I say anything else about the book, I’m going to say this: I liked it. I even loved most of the story, I just didn’t like the ending at all and that kind of ruined a lot. Not everything, but a lot.

When I went in into this book, I went completely blind. I didn’t read any reviews and I certainly didn’t read any teasers and excerpts. I didn’t want to have any ideas or suspicions about how it would unfold. So, of course, before this, I had a lot of questions in my head. Why did Evie accept this mission? Was it really for Xavier? Was it something else? Why was she asking for a love of her own choosing? She already had Xavier. Could it be that she loved her freedom more than she loved Xavier? Is Xavier really her love? Is this a suicidal mission? Does she know it?

Too many questions. I had my theories. I was right on some, I wasn’t on some others. Some weren’t answered and some weren’t what I expected them to be. And some things didn’t even make the cut in the story. And that was kind of disappointing. I know, every author has an idea in their mind and they let it flow. Sometimes, this idea will grow to be exactly what the reader is expecting, hoping for. And sometimes, it turns out to be completely different to what you had in mind. Sometimes different is good, even amazing. But sometimes, it leaves you with a huge hole, and it’s sad. That’s the one fear I always have when I’m reading the final book of a series. It’s impossible for me not to get excited and my hopes up about a book I’ve been waiting for years and for a story I absolutely adore. So I was horribly sad when I finished the book and felt like there was something missing, and I was left thinking “is this how it really ends? It can’t be, can it?”. Again, I know this is the author’s decision and I can’t blame Amy for ending the book the way she felt it should end. I just wasn’t feeling it. I still don’t.

In this story, we have a new thing, a new evil. Something beyond the evil we’ve met in the previous books. This evil is taking everything and everyone with it. There can’t be any survivors. This evil is just what Evie’s been fighting with all her past lifetimes. So it’s time to put on some big girl pants and give everything into this one last fight.

Amy Bartol has an amazing way of telling a story. She’s detailed about everything and you practically climb inside her books and experience everything as if it were real. Thats the beauty of her books. I absolutely like her writing style and the way she creates amazing characters that you’ll end up loving crazily and some you’ll completely hate. She creates the best villains. And there’s balance. There’s so much going on, but Amy manages to tell the story in such a way that it blends perfectly and you understand every single thing that’s going on. I love that, it never feels like it’s “too much”. It actually feels like it makes sense.

Evie is a character that, even when her decisions frustrated me, even when she made me mad, even when she couldn’t care less about what happened to her, I couldn’t not love her. I always thought she was brave, and unique, and she was everything everyone said about her. She was strong, she didn’t let fear dictate her. She acted even when she was scared to death. I admired her boldness.

Reed and Evie’s relationship has been one I’ve kept really close to my heart. Their passion consumed everything in me. Every time I read their story (and I’ve read it several times now) I was filled with so much happiness and frustration and those damn butterflies. I loved them. Passionately, heavenly, I still love them. Even Brennus and Evie’s twisted relationship has been close to my heart, not like with Reed, but close enough. Their way of understanding their deepest fears and deepest desires, the way they were both able to see each other as partners, equals. I loved them. I loved Brennus.

I hated Xavier. I still do.

When I was getting to the final chapters, it felt like everything was going down in a weird way. All of the sudden everything just stopped and it felt like it ended all too quickly. People died, Angels ascended, and souls were released, all in a matter of seconds. It felt rushed. It felt like there were things I was missing. At first, the story was intense and exciting and scary and then, there was no emotion that made me feel the losses and celebrate the winnings because it didn’t feel real. And now, after hours of finishing the book, more questions and concerns made their way into my brain.

Why wasn’t Evie the one who ended Emil? Everyone around her was always protecting her, and she fought them all, because she could protect herself. So, what happened at the end? To me, she proved them just right.

What happened to Xavier?
Did he just gave up? It felt like he did. After all that fight, he just gave up?

Where was Tau in all of this?
He went MIA in the entire thing. What is his story? What happened to him and Evie’s mother? I needed more of him. He was such an important character in Incendiary so… what happened?

Where was Brennus burning love for Evie?
Not his obsession to have her, but his desire to be with her. It wasn’t there at the end but still, Evie had to be shared between Brennus and Reed? I don’t understand.

Where was REED’s passionate love for Evie?
I didn’t see it. At the end, I didn’t feel it. And, what about that Persephone kind of life? Some might say: “at least they’re together, they’re happy”, and my answer to that will always be: “are they? really?” How can you be entirely, completely happy when you have to share your love with someone else? Something is off.

I still don’t know what happened at the end. Maybe this is me, hoping for a different outcome and maybe that’s selfish of me. I just hoped to see more, feel more, just like I did with the previous books.

I still love this series. I love everything from Inescapable to Incendiary. I love it. Always. I’m just not a fan of Iniquity.


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