Book Review: Into the Fire by Michele G. Miller


Title: Into the Fire

Author: Michele G. Miller

Rating: rating-5

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“I’m moving forward, but I’m not living. I’m pretending. How do you know if you’re dead or alive? I wouldn’t know, I feel dead even as I live and breathe.”

When I heard Michele was writing Danica’s story, I was excited but scared because the subject matter was dark. I went in knowing it would take an emotional toll on me. It was heartbreaking and soul crushing, but most importantly, it moved me.

After suffering tragic loss and recovering from a terrible accident, Danica struggles with the emotional and physical pain. She pushes everyone she loves away because she can’t process the grief… until one small cut changes everything.

“‘You’re a walking corpse,’ I accuse the unrecognizable girl staring at me. Except you still bleed.”

Cutting is the only thing that makes her feel alive. She knows it’s wrong, but it becomes an addiction. When her family finds out, she is sent to an institute but even the professionals have a hard time getting through to her. Her family, friends- including her childhood best friend Jonah, tried to break through her walls, but they couldn’t even make a dent. We all suffer alone, but we don’t have to.

This book is so powerful because it sheds light on very real problems that many people suffer from. Sometimes it’s the people we would never expect and sometimes it’s the people we are closest to. This book teaches us to never give up, even when the situation seems impossible.

Once again, Michele has crafted a painfully beautiful story with characters that reach inside and pull on your heartstrings. This book will make you feel. It will devastate you but it will also heal you. So grab some tissues and prepare yourself for an emotional journey.

“You’re my missing piece, Jonah. You’re the one who completes my wonderful picture.”


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