Book Review: Intuition (The Premonition #2) by Amy A. Bartol

intuition-amy-bartolName: Intuition (The Premonition #2)
Author: Amy A. Bartol
Daniela’s Rating: 5 stars

Daniela’s review

The second book of the Premonition series. Want to know what an emotional roller coaster is? Well, this is exactly it. I’ve jumped up and down from happiness, I’ve screamed in frustration, I’ve cried for the agony that some characters have had to experience, I’ve been happy to see some characters I should hate. I’ve hated characters I should like… See what I mean?

But this book is as good as the first one. I might say even better. I love it with all my heart.

Intuition brings us back to Evie’s life, this new life she has been adjusting. After experiencing that horrible situation, thanks to Alfred, a.k.a MF, it’s been kind of hard to live her life. She’s constantly afraid for her life, but most of all, for the lives of the ones she loves most. She’s still learning to control her emotions and everything that’s going on with and around her, only she’s not alone in this anymore (not that she ever was, not really), now she has Russell to help her since he’s now going through the same evolving process.

Loving the way she loves this new family, she’s determined to do whatever she must do to save them, to keep them away from situations that might put them at risk. So, she decides to take action and leave before anyone she loves gets hurt, either by the hands of the Fallen or the Divine. What she didn’t know and learned the hard way is that, living without her new family shouldn’t and couldn’t be called living. She survived, but even then, every day she spent away from Reed, Zee, Buns and Brownie, a part of her died a little.

In this book, Evie is presented with a tough decision. Should she stay and risk Reed’s and everyone else’s life? Or should she go away with Russell and expect that nothing is going to happen to her new family? That whatever is coming, it would follow her and leave the rest of them alone? Like I said, she will do whatever she needs to do.

Evie’s still growing up, she’s still learning how this new life works. She’s no longer human, she’s part angel too and that’s something that keeps attracting a lot of attention, from angels, fallen and all kinds of other creatures (or should I say craiturs?). Sometimes I kept wondering why for God’s sake would she run away? I mean, I understand her reasons, but I don’t think that was entirely her decision to make. I have to admit, I felt miserable along with her. I missed Reed the whole time they were apart. I missed the butterflies. I was reading this for the second time, I was talking to my friend who’s buddy reading it with me, and we agreed that, she should’ve sucked it up. She was the one to make the choice, she was the one who left, but I also understand her sadness. It can’t be easy to leave the one you love behind to protect him, and I guess, there’s an emotional process that forced her to grow up, to learn how to defend herself and be the strong woman she’s destined to be. I loved seeing her develop into a strong character, one that will stand for herself and fight until she’s given what she wants or needs.

“I ask God to bind my life to your life so that my mind will be one with your mind. My heart may be one with your heart, and my body may be one with your body. From this moment through eternity, so let it be.”

Russell… well, what can I say? I was happy to see him just about once. I know many might love him because he’s oh so sweet, but… Awww! I’m team Reed all the way. I am thankful, don’t get me wrong, because he’s helped Evie a lot, but man, I just can’t wait for him to realize that Evie’s no longer meant to be with him. What I like the most about him is that, he keeps having an open mind about everything that’s going on with him which makes it easier to accept it. But still, it’s not enough for me to like him.

Reed, how I missed him. This was torture for me, I kept wanting him to show up. I know what’s going to happen, I know when it’s going to happen, but still, I was so freaking anxious all the time. It was like reading the book for the first time. I have to say something: those voice mails were and will always be my ending. How Amy could put so many emotions in those sentences is beyond me. I’ve cried so many times reading that, because, yes, I’m a masochist, but I couldn’t help it. Reed’s agony is so obvious, I was as heartbroken as he was. I love the passion he feels towards Evie, the love he feels for her is just so deep… Whenever he’s happy, sad, angry, devastated, I am too.

“I wanted you before this, for who you are -so intelligent, brave- delicate and beautiful. But now, you have power and strength, too. Danger, thy name is Evie. You are something from a dream and I just want…” 

“You just want what?”

“Forever with you”.

Last but not least… Brennus de Graham. He is one interesting fella. I don’t know why but I’m compelled by him. He’s so mysterious and mean. He is pure evil, but I can’t helped but feel intrigued by him. The way he speaks and acts, it says so much about him. He is an authority, he’s powerful, he’s passionate, he’s dominant. He wants to own Evie but he also wants her to love him. At first, he might not be a character one might end up loving but as the series goes… he’ll creep his way into your heart, some way or another. I’m sure. That’s how he works.


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