Book Review: Kissing Midnight by Laura Bradley Rede

Name: Kissing Midnight
Author: Laura Bradley Rede
Daniela’s rating: 2 stars

Daniela’s review

**ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review.**

Kissing Midnight introduces you to the weird and crazy life (and mind) of Mariana “Saintly” Santos. Saintly is a girl who’s lost a lot in her life. Her brother’s death brought some crazy things into her life, which she wasn’t expecting, let alone wishing for. That’s until she meets Deveraux Renald. He’s charming, handsome and a little bit dangerous, but he manages to calm her when nothing else can. He’s all every girl would dream to have, but Mariana is the only one he wants to have, until midnight on New Year’s Eve, that is.

Dev is mysterious, extremely handsome and knows how to get girls to do what he asks… Oh and he’s immortal. So of course, he’s had a lot of time to master that trick. He’s been around, picking up girls to be with on New Year’s Eve for years and years, because that’s what he needs to do to stay alive. Find a girl, make her fall in love with him and get her to kiss him at midnight. The end of each year could mean staying alive or his death.

Then there’s Jesse. She’s a ghost dying to be seen so when she crosses paths with Saintly and she notices her… Her ghost life changes forever. She’s there for a reason and there’s also a reason why Saintly is the only one who can see her. So now she has to help her, no matter what she has to do to get Saintly to finally listen and believe her.

So that’s a little bit about the story. Now my thoughts on it.

I really liked it at first. When I read the synopsis it caught my attention right away. It seemed a bit different from the typical paranormal/romance story and I thought it had a lot of potential. And it hooked me from the start, I was really interested in the plot and the characters.

As the book went on, I started liking the main characters more and more (by this I mean Saintly and Dev). Saintly was a troubled girl, so she needed someone who truly believed in her, someone that would help her believe in herself. And Dev was that to her. Well, that’s what he seemed to be (the romantic part in me had high hopes for him). Dev acted like he truly cared for her, like he loved her but, as he said “looks can be deceiving…” and boy, was he right. So, first we had this highly sweet relationship between Saintly and Dev, which I have to admit, I really liked. She was finally having a happy ending… but everything that goes up, has to come down. So, Saintly discovers what’s really going on with Dev; Dev shows his true colors and that’s when you know for sure that there’s no going back with him.

So far, I was really pleased with the story. It was completely different because sure, there wasn’t the typical love story we’re all so used to. I didn’t mind that the guy was actually the bad guy, you know?

What I really didn’t understand (and that’s why I’m giving it 3 stars) was Saintly’s relationship with Jesse. I mean, yeah, I understood the basics of it. Jesse was there to help Saintly see how wrong she was seeing things and I understand how she felt about Saintly, that was fine with me. But once everything went down with Dev… the story had this twist which was kind of , I don’t know.. like random. Because, one second Saintly’s in love with Dev, the next she isn’t and the next she’s in love with someone else? Yeah, that made her lose all realistic features she had in her (at least for me). In all it’s fantasy, the relationships in the book sounded real. Like, sure.. you can fall for the bad guy, realize he actually wants to hurt you and dump his ass or realize how you really weren’t that much in love with him to begin with or whatever. But no, the revelation came out of nowhere that she was actually in love with someone else. I don’t know. I didn’t buy it. And the end.. well that actually killed it for me. If the relationships sounded unrealistic.. well the end was just unbelievable.


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