Book Review: Love Like We Do (side a) by Lori L. Otto

lovelikewedoTitle: Love Like We Do (Side A)
Author: Lori L. Otto
LeAnn’s Rating: 5 stars
Daniela’s Rating: 5 stars

LeAnn’s review

The one thing that’s been running through my mind since finishing this book is this: This story is so important. It’s relevant. It’s what society needs right now. I’m so proud of Lori for putting Max and Callen’s story out there for the world to read and experience.

Side A is told from Trey and Jon’s POV which I absolutely loved. I enjoyed getting to know Trey better and seeing his perspective of the events that happened. He’s so much like his father, but he’s young and still has some growing to do, especially when his two best friends come out as being gay. Trey represents the average person going through this experience and how they might feel as they grasp how to handle the situation. At times, he was confused and paranoid, like any normal person would be, but he handled it with grace and the maturity of someone much older than him.

With Jon’s perspective, we get to see how a person would handle finding out a family member is gay. Of course, Jon is an exceptional person but he still had some obstacles to face. While reading this, I fell in love with him all over again. He’s an amazing husband, father, brother and friend. I hope one day I’ll find my very own Jon.

“I cradle her head in my hands as I kiss her some more. ‘We’re doing fine. I’ll do whatever I need to do to support whatever you want to do. Always. Everywhere. Those were my vows to you.'”

As with any Lori Otto book, it was emotional and it was real. She’s so good at capturing and showing the human condition. That’s why I’m so happy she decided to write this story. She lays it all out there and doesn’t hold anything back. What she writes is raw and relatable.

I hope an LGBT youth picks up these books and gains the courage and strength to be themselves in this world. I hope a person who is against, or uncomfortable about homosexuality will read these books and gain a better understanding of the LGBT community and put aside their prejudices. Love Like We Do has something to give to everyone.

“The feeling of love is… well it’s like an absolute. It’s universally accepted, right? Why does it matter what gender or race we love?”

Daniela’s review

Love Like We Do.

Stories like this one make me wish I could read books for the first time more than once. This story right here… this is something everyone should read. Stories like this one makes people think. At least, it made me think. A lot.

Take a look at the title, for instance. Love Like We Do. First of all, let me tell you, it fits the story perfectly. But beyond that, this unique title lets you in in a world in which people can love freely. Wouldn’t you want to live in a world where you can love whoever you want to love and be who you want to be, without worrying that someone won’t like it? Everyone should feel free and good in their own skin. This book is about exactly that.

When I first heard about LLWD from Lori, I got a little scared. I’m not that much of a M/M or F/F reader, it’s just not my cup of tea. But, it’s a book written by Lori, how could I say no to her or her characters? That doesn’t happen, so I jumped in the second I got it. And seriously guys, I couldn’t be more happy to have read a book, because this story is so much more than two boys falling in love. It’s a story about two learning their way into a mean world, but finding the best part it has to offer. It’s a story about a brother and a friend being honest with himself and everyone he cares about. This is a story about two boys accepting that there’s nothing wrong with them. This is a story about families coming together and loving together.

This story is something beyond important, it shows you the world we live in, but it also shows you the world we could have.

“The feeling of love is… well it’s like an absolute. It’s universally accepted, right? Why does it matter what gender or race we love?”

What happens when you find out that your brother or your best friend has been hiding a huge part of themselves from you? That he’s been struggling with being different for a while and you had no idea about it? In LLWD Side A, we get to see and understand what it’s like to be on the receiving side. We get to understand how the people who is closest to Max feel towards his confession, how they react and how they take this new information. While some might take it in the best possible way, we find that not everyone is going to just go with it. Sadly, many people, in stories and real life, take this kind of news badly, and we see a few of those people in here too. They end up making it everything about how they feel and not how the person in question feels.

In this side of the story, you get to see what it’s like to be different, but above all, you get to see love in a different and still beautiful way. We should all be able to love the way Max loves. Each character gives meaning to the story and each of them makes it beautiful.

Lori’s writing is once again flawless. We have characters that grow with every turn of the page, and the story itself develops in a perfect pace. Not too fast, but not too slow. It gives us the chance to understand each character’s feelings and their reactions. It gives us also a glimpse to the family we’ve all become so attached to (at least, that’s my case). I have my favorite characters, of course. Max and Callen, because of their bravery. Trey because of his big heart and his loyalty. Jon, because of his ability to try his best to help everyone. Livvy because she’s open minded. But I have to admit something: the character I fell in love with from the very beginning was Will. His broken heart calls out to me. I can’t help it. He might just be my favorite book boy. Ever.

I HIGHLY recommend this series. Not because it’s about to gay teenagers. I highly recommend this because it’s a love story that matters. It’s a love story that everyone should aspire to have, because everyone should have the opportunity to love someone, anyone they want.


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