Book Review: Love Will by Lori L. Otto

lovewill-loriottoTitle: Love Will
Author: Lori L. Otto
Daniela’s Rating: 5 stars

Daniela’s review

You must know what love feels like… well, my love for Will goes beyond that and more.  I swear, I love this kid with my heart and soul.

I never thought of myself as someone who would read spin-offs and spin-offs of book series. I’ve even said that no one would catch me doing that, because sometimes it feels like the author is just pushing it. However, this is not the case. I seriously don’t know how Lori does it, but she’s managed to create a whole different world for each character, and each of them make you want to dive in into their lives and never leave. I’ve read almost every book Lori has published (I think I’m only missing Number Seven), and I just can’t get enough of this beautiful and flawed and amazing family. They’re now a part of me.

LOVE WILL is another beautifully written and perfectly described story about a boy with some deep issues and his need to find his way back to himself. He’s had to deal with some awful shit since he was just a little boy, which caused him his first heartbreak. Then, he had to deal with the stupidity of a girl when he was around 15 (read Crossroads) and he swore to not let anyone in ever again. He has a handful of friends and people he trusts, but that’s pretty much it. That’s how he decided to live his life. Music, physics, his closest friends and random sex. That’s what has kept him going throughout his entire life. Until one day, everything changes.

When I first met Will, he was just a kid. I loved him then. His deep thoughts, his brilliant mind, his moody but sweet self. Even then, he was smarter than anyone and could see life in such a meaningful way… I fell for him while reading Dear Jon. Yes, even though he was a kid. Then, I saw him again in Crossroads. I loved him a lot more then. His hopeful thoughts, and his beautiful way to love, and his brilliant mind and his broken heart. I fell for him even more. When I met him again in Love Like We Do, it was impossible for me to stop thinking about him. I was already in love with him from the previous books, but I never thought I could love him more. But I did. His sense of doing what’s right, and his need to help, his brilliant mind and his broken heart.

In Love Will, we meet a whole different side of Will. We meet a man, who’s determined to get his shit together, for him. For his peace of mind and heart. He’s never felt worthy of love, but man, if only he knew. There are a thousand and more things that make Will attractive, but his heart, even though it’s been broken for so long, and his mind is what calls to me. And of course, the fact that he looks like Milo Ventimiglia 😉 I’ve always believed there are second and third chances in life. In fact, you have as many chances as you’re willing to take to get what you want, you only have to try as many times as you have to, until you reach it. And this beautiful and broken boy is determined when he sets his mind to get something.

Also, if you’re a fan of musicians and books with heartfelt lyrics and a wonderful boy singing them, then you must read this. Will is not only talented, he’s devoted to music and that makes this story a new level of perfect. With his wonderful band, and loyal friends, you’re in for a journey that will break your heart and bring it back together. And it will feel good, better than it did before.

PS: Lori, you know how I feel about Nate. You know I will always love him. But I am so grateful you gave me Will. <3

PPS: this book is a standalone. It can be read without reading the previous books, but I recommend you do it. Read them. From the very start, and go from there, because I swear, the experience will be a thousand, a million times better if you do.


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