Book Review: Nowhere But Here by Renee Carlino

nowhere-but-here-renee-carlinoName: Nowhere But Here
Author: Renee Carlino
Daniela’s Rating: 5 stars

Daniela’s review

Okay. Okay. Let’s get serious.

First, let me ask you a few questions, are you looking, searching, longing for:
A cute book?
A romantic book?
A funny book?
An intriguing book?
A book you want to fall instantly in love with?

This.Is.It. Go to the bookstore, amazon, iTunes, wherever you buy your books and get Nowhere But Here NOW!

Nowhere But Here is the story of two lost souls. Two lost souls that are seeking for something bigger, that one person who’ll stay by their side, love them, take care of them. She has no one in her life, no one she can really call family. He can’t let anyone in his life, not as close, not again. He has everything he needs except one thing. She doesn’t have much, but she’s only missing one thing too. They’re both looking for something. And they might find that something in each other.

“I wonder what hurt more: the kind of loneliness you feel when no one is around, or the kind of loneliness you feel when the person who is supposed to love you doesn’t care at all, not even enough to fight with you, let alone for you.”

Kate is a reporter who works at the Chicago Crier, a small local newspaper. She’s a loner. She’s been like that for a while now since she lost the most important people in her life. She’s lost her spark and can’t seem to get it back. Not at work, not in her love life. She’s going through a bit of a rough patch, where the loneliness is eating her up. She wants nothing more than to be with someone who cares, who loves her, who thinks of her, someone who sees her. But she’s too scared of life to take a risk, she’s too scared to lose someone again. That’s until she’s given a big assignment. Now she has to get on a plane, fly to California and write a story about R. J. Lawson, the billionaire genius who’s gone hiding for too long. This is her chance to take a risk. This is life pushing her to do something, to be someone, to get her spark again, to live again.

Jamie. Jamie, (oh my sweet Jamie). If there’s a character to love, that’s him. No doubt. Jamie is part of the R. J. Lawson Winery, B&B and everything in between. He does a lot of everything around there. He’s this beautiful person, who’s worked so hard to get where he is, to have the people he has surrounding him. He’s honest, and thoughtful and sweet and friendly and happiness is all around him. All he wants is to be the guy he is, without people telling him who he should be. He wants his life to be his own.

When these two met for the first time, the circumstance was kind of awkward, there was a minor accident with their cars, she was in a hurry, nervous, and he was his normal self, radiating happiness and being funny and sweet. Their connection was there immediately. I just loved the way he treated her. He was a complete gentleman, he was mesmerized with her. I actually had an idea in my mind of how he saw her, like he was truly in love with her from the ver first second, and it might sound crazy, but that’s how it was. I was in love with the book, I still am.

This story is one everyone should read. Why? Because it is simply wonderful. The characters are beyond relatable. You feel Kate’s pain and hurt. You feel Jamie’s intense love. You feel their happiness when they were together. You felt their sadness when they were apart. It was all just so perfect.

“I thought dreamily for a moment about how it seemed like Jamie and I were two lost souls and lonely souls finding each other in the vast of wasteland of adulthood.”

From the very first page I had a smile on my face, I wanted to tell Renée a thousand times how much I was liking this book but I didn’t want to be annoying, so I just told her a couple of times (It could’ve been a hundred times). I was fangirling the whole book.

Even though this was a book with a whole lot of loneliness, it was also a book with a lot of happiness. You know when something just makes you happy? You’re all smiling and giddy? Well, this was it for me. This brought thousands of smiles and happy thoughts and feelings.

Nowhere But Here is exactly what I wanted to read right now. It is positively, undeniably, absolutely, emphatically, definitely one of my favorite books now. Please, please, please, read it. You won’t regret it.

Renée Carlino, thank you so much for this.


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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Nowhere But Here by Renee Carlino

  1. Christi Curtis

    Lovely review!!!! I absolutely loved, loved, loved this book and you described it perfectly!! It really is a MUST read!!


    1. lostinabookblog

      Aww Christii! <3 Thank you very, very much, I'm glad you liked my review! And YESSS, everyone MUST read this. -Daniela!


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