Book Review: Royal Marriage Market by Heather Lyons

royalmarriagemarketTitle: Royal Marriage Market
Author: Heather Lyons
Daniela’s Rating: 4 stars

Daniela’s review

In Royal Marriage Market we are introduced to a world where fairy tales and reality find common ground. I liked that. Heather managed to mix that perfectly, but then again, she always does smile emoticon

“New traditions, I’m learning, can sometimes be even better than the old.”

In this story we are introduced to a royal world, where a brave Princess must face and make hard decisions to lead her country, but won’t do anything without speaking her mind first, and then we have we have a Prince who’ll endure everything people might throw at him, just for the sake of his country and his family. This story has characters that have the courage to go after what they believe is right and they do it passionately. But doing what the kings and queens of their county believe is the right thing, might not be so easy. As hereditary governors of their country, both Christian and Elsa must be married before they get to rule, so they are forced to attend to the Royal Marriage Market, an event hosted for those princes and princesses who haven’t married yet. Suitors are presented, and marriages are arranged. But what happens when the one you want, isn’t the one you’re supposed to be with? Will you fight for that love, or will you rule your country and follow the traditions that have been part of your family for centuries?

Royal Marriage Market is a sweet and light story that will make you smile. It made me smile. Heather once again created characters that are completely adorable and amazing. Elsa is courageous and brave and I loved she always had a say in everything. At least, everything that matter. She’s not the kind of girl who’ll go down without a fight. That’s what makes her awesome. She’s stubborn and sweet. She fights for what she believes is right.

Then, we have Christian. Well, if you don’t love Prince Christian, then you have a cold heart. He can be the sweetest and most attentive guy, and it was impossible not to swoon over the attention he paid to Elsa. He’s caring and gorgeous. He worried about his family’s safety, as well as his country. He’s the kind of guy that will put the needs of those he care about before his.

There were a few other characters that I would’ve liked to read more about. We have Parker, and Charlotte, and Isabelle, and Lukas. Even though I know there are main characters in a story for a reason, I always like to know more about those surrounding them because even thought they’re secondary characters, they give something important to the story and the main characters, and I felt like there should’ve been a bit more info about them, as well as Elsa’s and Christian’s family. What made them act the way they did? What happened inside each other’s castles when the doors were closed? We get a glimpse, but I guess I would’ve liked to have a bit more.

I enjoyed the book, like I said, it’s a light and funny read, that includes lots of firsts, and lots of swooning romance.


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