Book Review: Rules Of Regret by Megan Squires


Squires, M. - ROR

Name: Rules Of Regret

Author: Megan Squires

Rating: 3 Stars


I found this book thanks to Colleen Hoover, who recommended it on her facebook page.

Rules of regret is a book that talks about how everyone should live and enjoy life, experience it with no regrets. Everyone has problems, some people have it worst than others, but everyone should be able to find peace at some point and move on.

I think this book presents two different but equally hard situations. First, you have Darby, who lost her sister when they were both just little kids. She grew up, sure, but didn’t live. She had a routine and life, but she wasn’t really living. Then you have Torin. He too lost someone really close to him, his brother, but under different circumstances, only he chose to give meaning to his life and his brother’s death. I think it makes you think about how life in general, how we react to certain things and people. And to give ourselves (and other people too) second and third chances.

The book was good, I liked it, I just didn’t love it. The characters were ok, Darby was a bit too dependent for my taste. But I guess I understand why she was that way. She needed stability after losing a big part of her. I think I could relate a bit more with Torin though. I liked him better, he was so full of life, even after everything he’d been through. This book showed me something I think I already knew, but either way, we should always remember. Even after losing someone, people have to find a way to move on. It doesn’t mean you have to forget, you just have to move on, live and enjoy life.

I think that was what I liked the most, that and the cover, because seriously.. Look at that cover! I just loved it 🙂



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