Book Review: Shattered (Stolen Breaths #2) by Pamela Sparkman


Name: Shattered
Author: Pamela Sparkman
Rating: rating-4

**ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review**

22840057Oh this book 🙂 I really enjoyed it. I liked this book even more than the first one, which I enjoyed a lot. It involves a lot of trust issues and some confidence. But it also includes a lot of love and sweetness. I just enjoyed it so much.

Shattered by Pamela Sparkman is the second book of the Stolen Breaths series, but I believe this can be read as a standalone, since it describes the story about two secondary characters from book one. This is a really entertaining book, one that will make you smile, even make you laugh. It was charming, and the development of both, the characters and the story, seemed to go just at the right pace. I actually wanted to get back to it every time I had to put it down.

“Sometimes all we need is a soft place to land when we fall.”

Ok, so, the story. We first meet Maggie on Stolen Breaths. She’s Lily’s best friend from college, and she’s a happy girl, always ready to spend time with her friends and have a good time. She has a hard time trusting people with her feelings though. She’s skeptical when it comes to letting others in. Every relationship she’s had over the years, have been completely meaningless. No guy has kept her attention enough to let him know the real her. I really liked her. I could see how much she needed real contact, and by that I don’t mean just physical, but an emotional contact, with someone real. Someone who cared about her. She’s not entirely confident about ever finding that someone, because the ones that should’ve stayed with her didn’t. So, I understand. I understand her hesitancy about people in general. But then, life shows her its beautiful side. I believe we just need to find the right people, and it may take a while, but they’ll come, eventually. We’re not meant to be alone, but we have to be able to see through people and give them a chance.

“When you find someone who is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for yours, you’ve found your prince. All the kisses in the world won’t make him something he isn’t from the start.”

Then we have funny, and sweet, and beautiful Joe. Oh, you sure are a swoon-worthy guy, one that will melt your heart. Joseph Carlisle is the guy that’s always trying his best to make everyone around him laugh. He may tell the lousiest jokes there are on earth, but his intention behind those jokes are just to get a smile out of you, so… how could you not laugh or even crack a smile? I just loved him. I loved his perseverance, and his confidence (not cockiness, there’s a difference) about who he was and what he wanted. There may have been a couple of downs in his life, but he always got the best of everything. He just gave some positivity to everything around him. He’s a wonderful friend and a really sweet boyfriend. He just melted my heart.

“So, what do you say when you’ve gotten everything you’ve ever wanted, and ever needed? You close your eyes, lift your fave up to the heavens, and say, ‘thank you’.”

Everyone in this story plays a big part of the development of every character. I loved the way they were all involved in each other, helping, caring, just being there for each other. I enjoyed every bit of this story. It was really interesting to see how much the characters grew, and how the story developed. It’s a really interesting story and I want to know more, specially about the other 2 characters we have left.

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