Book review: Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes #1) by Sara Raasch

Title: Snow Like Ashes
Author: Sara Raasch
Daniela’s rating: 4 stars

Daniela’s review



Sixteen years ago the Kingdom of Winter was conquered and its citizens enslaved, leaving them without magic or a monarch. The Winterians’ only hope for freedom is the eight survivors who managed to escape, and who have been searching for the opportunity to steal back Winter’s magic and rebuild their kingdom ever since.

Orphaned as an infant during Winter’s defeat, Meira has lived her whole life as a refugee. Training to be a warrior—and desperately in love with her best friend, Winter’s future king—she would do anything to help Winter rise to power again. So when scouts discover the location of half of the ancient locket that can restore their magic, Meira decides to go after it herself—only to find herself thrust into a world of evil magic and dangerous politics, and to realize that her destiny is not, never has been, her own.

Yes, this year has been all about strong girls with a purpose in life and such a stubborn character. I love it. I’ll admit, this book reminded me A LOT about other books I’ve loved, but you know what? I don’t mind, because it seemed to save everything that was absolutely good about those.

This book has been in my kindle app for YEARS. I swear, I don’t even remember buying it and I’ve always looked at it and thought “bah, maybe later”. A couple of days ago though, I thought it was time to give it a try. Little did I know that I would have to ask for a damn loan at the bank to get the following books because guess what? I COULDN’T STOP READING IT and I swear I’m going to be broke one of these days. And, it’s not like I was going to just start something else, when the story was just so fresh. I needed to continue reading the second book. So yeah, I bought it.

Even the strongest blizzard starts with a single snowflake.

So, as you’ve read in the blurb, it’s been 16 years since the Winterians lost their magic. A terrible evil made slaves out of most of Winter’s people, except for 25 who managed to escape. Now, there are barely 8 and they’re doing everything they can to save the rest of their people. To save Winter. To be home, once again. Meira is just a girl, one that’s been training all her life, side by side to the one who’ll be king of Winter some day. She’s trained and done everything she’s been asked for, but still she feels like nothing she does is ever good enough. Until she manages to do the impossible, the one thing no one has been able to do in these sixteen years. She’s tougher than she looks and her will to fight is one I totally admire.

There will always be a they in your new life, Meira. They make decisions; they mold your future. The trick is to find a way to still be you through it all.

This book played with my feelings. I swear I thought knew which side I was on, but jeez, turns out I know NOTHING. Ugh. But this book definitely kept me interested from the very start. The characters are AMAZING. Each brings something so special, even when you hate them. There is evil that is just pure, pure shit and then we have the good that is just so damn GOOD. GAH. I know I’m not doing this story justice, I just don’t want to reveal too much.

The romance in this book… well, I don’t want to spoil anything, but BE FUCKING PATIENT. Don’t jump into conclusions, like I did. You’ll see what I mean.

I’m not going to give it 5 stars, even though I loved it, because for starters, well, there’s the whole “it sounds similar to other stories”, but which book doesn’t? Like I said, it didn’t bother me, but still, we have to recognize originality when it’s there. Also, the writing style was a bit confusing at times. I felt like I was kind of lost at points and had to reread the sentence (or paragraph, yes) a couple of times to get it right.  

Definitely something you guys should try 🙂


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