Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


Name: The Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green

Rating:  rating-5

11870085There are several situations in which you shouldn’t read this book. One of them? On a plane. How do you read and finish this book while you’re on a plane? How can you control the tears? Well, YOU CAN’T. I did my best trying to hide it, but I certainly couldn’t. And all that trying just ended up giving me a headache.

This book is just… wow! I laughed, cried, smiled, sighed, and it gave me butterflies. Yes, Augustus did that, especially the butterflies part. I’ll admit that, for a while there, I really didn’t want to read this book. I’ve been around cancer before (not me, but I had/have people who are very close to me that had/have this awful illness), so I was kind of scared to read it actually, especially because one of those people had it recently (everything’s good though, just in case you were asking). I thought it would bring too many things I couldn’t take at the moment. So I waited. And here I am.

962e8ca06f089cc0add02c5f25c47876TFIOS is a story of endings and new beginnings. New opportunities. Challenges. It’s a story of loss but it’s also about hope. About believing in Something or Someone greater, both with a capital S. It’s about love. Family. Friends. It’s everything you want in a book, or at least what I want.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is just a girl. Augustus Waters is just a boy. The day they met at Cancer Kid Support Group, changed everything for both of them. He would teach her to open up and let herself fall in love and not be a grenade. She would teach him that being able to touch or change one life, like he changed hers, is more than enough. This story is the kind of story that gives the reader perspective and hope. I fell in love with it from the start. Hazel Grace is a simple girl who happens to have cancer, and she’s very realistic about it. About what it means for her, for her family. And still, she doesn’t give up.

“You gave me a forever within the numbered days.”

Augustus Waters. Well, what can you say about him? He is one of the sweetest, most reliable, craziest and most beautiful characters I’ve ever read. He made me smile, and I bet I’m not the only one who felt this way. He surely is a character you will fall in love with. No doubt. He believes in good people, he fights for the things he wants, the people he loves. He’ll do whatever he needs to do to make everyone happy. He is respectful. He is beautiful. I loved and love and will love him, always. Okay? Okay.

“Maybe okay can be our always.”

This is one beautiful story no one should miss. The development of the characters is wonderful. The way they feel and think is just so marvelous. Everyone should take their time to meet these two. To get to know their life story and their love story.


Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover


Here’s the list of the songs I listened to while I was reading this amazing book. Now, every time I hear one of these songs, I think of Augustus and Hazel Grace, walking on Amsterdam’s streets, laughing. Yeah, to me, that’s exactly where they are.


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