Book Review: The Forgotten Mountain (TCS #3) by Heather Lyons


Title: The Forgotten Mountain (The Collectors’ Society #3)
Author: Heather Lyons
Rating: rating-5

**ARC provided in exchange for honest review**

HLyons_TFM_eCover_900x1350I maintain my thoughts about Heather being cruel, and mean, and has an evil mind in that pretty head of hers. She seems like a nice lady, right? Well, she totally is, she’s super nice and kind and awesome, but she must enjoy seeing us (her readers) suffer, because seriously!!!!!!!!!! That ending!!!!!!!!! I’m still in shock. I love you, Heather, but that was seriously mean what you did in this book.

I will try my best to keep this review spoiler-free, but I can’t guarantee it.

You’ve been warned.

“Never close your eyes to the kindnesses in the worlds, even when you are faced with the worst of souls.”

If those are not some wise words, I don’t know what is.

The Forgotten Mountain is the third book of The Collectors’ Society series. As you may remember, in the first book we’re introduced to several characters from some classic stories. Alice in Wonderland, Huckleberry Finn, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, Mary Lennox, Brom Van Brunt, even Peter Pan!!! We’ve known them for a long time, but Heather managed to join them all in a story full of magic, possibilities and creativity. Some characters might be similar to those we remember, but some will surprise you. I loved this story from page one. The action, the romance, the villains, the friendships, the places I went to… everything makes this story something new and worthy of our time.

So, we’ve reunited with our beloved characters. Some have earned my trust, but some just get under my skin every time they show up. In TFM, I had the opportunity to fall in love with characters I wasn’t that fond of in the previous books. Also, there were some characters that made it very hard to trust them. In this book, we pick up right where we left off. The Society has been infiltrated, Timelines have been destroyed, Finn and Vincent are missing, and Alice can’t let her mind believe he’s dead. Their love is too strong, their story is only beginning. So she embarks on this dangerous journey, following clues and making sure she finds whatever there is to find in order to get Finn back. She’s determined. She will fight whoever gets in her way, she will find him and she will get her revenge. For Finn. For his family. For the ones who are now her family. For those who know her name and those who don’t even know she exists. But the villain keeps taking them by surprise. They keep getting stronger, and everything becomes even more dangerous. If you didn’t believe in fairy tales, you might want to start now 😉

Well, after finishing this book I was seriously pissed. I couldn’t believe how everything went down. Everything happened so fast it left me feeling this huge hole in my life. But I have to say, even though I was confused and mad and heartbroken, I would read this all over again for the first time if I could. It was simply amazing. The magic is more intense, and it’s darker than it was in the previous books.e have to face some truly awful villains, and we discover beautiful sides of some other characters, like the AD, but I’ll get back to him in a few.  Heather’s way to tell a story makes it so easy to just get inside of the book and experience everything that’s happening in them. She makes it impossible to not fall in love with her characters, and she makes it pretty easy to hate the villains. Each character has their own story, but she manages to make them all work together. This book includes Alice’s and Finn’s POV, just like the previous, and she managed to make it easy for me to get inside their heads, separately. Each of them have their own way of thinking, acting and talking. W

Alice, as she was in the first and second book of the series, is a kickass kind of girl. She’s so strong and determined, it’s admirable. She believes in the impossible, because she’s lived the impossible. She believes in her love. She believes her way is one and it ends where Finn is. Finn is her home, her family, and I have to say, it’s beautiful. Their relationship is just simply beautiful, because you can feel their love, their passion, their need for each other, and that’s just what we’re looking for, right? To feel the love, the happiness, these characters are feeling. It’s not easy, though… but who said life was easy, right? I truly believe they can face whatever life throws at them, and they’ll come out victorious.

“If he foolishly believes he has brought me, Wonderland’s Queen of Dimonds, to her knees, I wish for him to feel bitter, frustrating pangs of disappointment.”

Then we have Finn. Well, he’s still the beautiful, and strong, and smart, and beautiful Finn to me. I love him deeply. He’s the kind of book boyfriend that gets stuck in your head for days and days. He’s the kind of guy who will do anything and go anywhere to make everything right. I love his need to right the wrongs people have done to him, and to his family, especially to his family. He will defend everyone he loves and everything he believes. He’s a knight in shining armor. He’s a fighter. He’s a lover. He’s simply amazing.

“Home is where the heart is. Home is with Alice. Alice is home.”

I have to say, their love for each other is just beautiful and so heart-warming. It’s romantic, it’s passionate, it’s honest, it’s pure, and more importantly, it is true. True love conquers all.

Now, back to the AD. If you’ve read the books, you know he’s not so likable. He’s a thief. He likes to eavesdrop. He likes to be where he’s not supposed to be. But in this book, everything changes. He shows us a side of himself that’s vulnerable and more importantly, it’s real. I loved getting those small glimpses of how he truly feels and what really scares him. Some may not notice but he has these small details and small kind gestures that leave you wondering if his normal self is just an act. I fell in love with him in this book. I trust him to do the right thing for those he cares about.

There is so much to love about this series though. Even the villain with his trickiness and his way of getting what he wants. He’s evil and his mind knows nothing other than that. But it’s amazing to see how his mind works, even looking it through Alice’s and Finn’s eyes. I hate him with all my heart, but I can’t deny he’s been smart. Too smart.

highly recommend this series to anyone looking for a story with action, a beautiful romance, magic of all kinds. Everything is possible while you’re reading this series.

If you want to smile, laugh and cry, this is it. It has everything. Seriously, everything.


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