Book review: The Fortunate Ones by R.S. Grey

Title The Fortunate Ones
Author: R.S. Grey
Daniela’s rating: 4 stars
Laura’s rating: 4 stars

Daniela’s review

There’s something absolutely wonderful about R.S. Grey’s writing. Her style has this particular characteristic that I’ve yet to find in any other books. It’s incredibly lovely and just so entertaining. I haven’t read that many books by her, but the ones I have, they’ve all caught my attention the second I opened the book. I’ve laughed and gotten angry and fallen in love with every single one of them. And I’ve enjoyed them SO MUCH.

I know her stories are the kind that I’ll always find entertaining and so worth my time.

So, we have The Fortunate Ones. 

Do you want to know who they are? Well, they’re the wealthy people who spend most of their days in their wealthy club. They drink, they eat, they play golf, they gossip, they do business. They do it all in their beloved club. They’re all treated like royalty when they’re there. Yeap, those are the damn fortunate ones. And then, there’s the people who tend to these fortunate people to their every need and want. Brooke, even though she comes from a wealthy family, one that is part of this high class club, she’s not really part of this world. I don’t think she ever was. She’s dedicated her life into adventures, going to new places, learning new languages and eating her way around those awesome places she’s visited in the past. She’s currently on the side of the not-so-fortunate side of life, but don’t get me wrong, it’s by choice. She’s an independent woman, looking to find herself through her passion which is languages and teaching. She makes her own money, has her own place and is looking to find herself her dream job. She hates her cabana-girl job at Twin Oaks Club, but she endures it in order to get to where she wants to be.

And that places was not sitting next to James Ashwood. Or maybe it was, only she never thought that would’ve been possible, not in this world.

Everyone seems to have noticed James. He’s as successful as they can get. He’s determined and clearheaded. He knows where he’s going and what he wants. He does not have time to play around. And you know what? He was my favorite character of the whole thing. I loved how clear he was about what he wanted and what he needed in life. He knew his path, and didn’t do anything about hiding it. Why would he? He’s honest and respectful and a damn gentleman. This man knows how to get what he wants. I LOVED HIM.

This is the kind of love story in which you are super excited and happy and you get all giddy because the guy is just so damn honest and its the kind of honesty that makes you fall harder and harder for him. It’s the kind of honesty that makes him all kinds of sexy. It’s also the kind of story that makes you think about the present and the future, like, you’re living the character’s decisions, and you just wonder what’s going to happen and just want them to make the best decision. Only, there might not be a good or bad decision, only one you need in the moment. I think I’ve said it in other reviews but, I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason. Wether it’s because whatever was coming your way wasn’t really all that good for you; or because maybe you weren’t actually prepared to face whatever was coming. And in this case, Brooke was not ready to be with James, not the way he wanted. She needed to grow the hell up.

There were a couple of things I thought were a bit unnecessary, like some time-passing in which felt it dragged a bit longer than it should have, or some attitudes that were way too infuriating, which made me rethink my rating for a bit, but overall speaking, the book was really, really awesome.

I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a heart warming, fast read.

I truly hope everyone gives this book a chance. It’s totally worth it.



Thank you, R.S Grey! For hauling me out of that deep-readers-slump-hole I was in, while reading a particularly disappointing book whose author I’m not going to mention.

I absolutely devoured this book, it was hilarious and charming in a weird way.

For starters, let’s talk about how funny the writing is, almost everything is a joke or a pun or a very awkward moment, that makes you cringe so bad you have to put the book down for a (tiny) minute. That’s why the reading process was such a breeze. The plot is interesting, the setting is unique and at some level relatable.

Let’s set the ambiance: Twin Oaks Country Club for the ultra-rich and snooty, filled with teenage brats, brainless bimbos and hot business-oriented guys (Obviously). That’s were Brooke works and ultimately meets Mr. Ashwood.

On one side we have Brooke, she works at the Club, lives in a co-ed residency and wants to get a job overseas. On the other side we have James, very mature and business oriented, has won all of his fame and money with his brilliant ideas. Yeah, not so much of a match. But that’s the beauty of it.


I was very into the book, up until Brooke left James and went to Spain. Her time there was ENDLESS and somewhat unnecessary. That broke the spell I was in at the beginning of the book. Not so much of a breeze.

I always knew Brooke was immature, but not THAT immature, with the whole “I want to be with him/ I don’t want to be with him” issue. I hated her sometimes, but I guess that was part of her growing process.

GO READ THIS BOOK NOW! It’s not perfect, but it’s good and totally worth it



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