Book Review: True Love Story by Willow Aster

True Love Storytls

Willow Aster

5 stars

Wow….I’ve never had a book break my heart so badly. THANK YOU WILLOW ASTER. This book was so brilliantly written. I was itching with anticipation the entire time. Sparrow…girl I totally get why guys go Gaga over you. She’s funny, sweet, and thoughtful. Ian baby…your one liners are off the chain and you plan one heck of a date but I despise you. sorry honey! Omg Tessa…you are bat shit crazy and I love the hell out of you! Seriously though this book brought out every emotion known to man. Great read.

*** Ok…After rereading (about 3 times) I’ve finally decided to forgive Ian. It’s hard to not feel sorry for a Man who does all these wonderful things and doesn’t even know he’s amazing. Also everytime I reread I fall more in love with Sparrow.

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