Book Review: Under the Spotlight (The Jamieson Collection #3) by Angie Stanton


Title: Greed (The Seven Deadly #2)
Author: Fisher Amelie
Rating: rating-3.5


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I can start this review saying that I enjoyed this book. I had a few opinions about some things (which I’ll explain later), but overall, it was really sweet, and fast read. So, if you’re looking for a light romance, one that will get a few smiles out of you, you might like to check this one out. I have to admit, I haven’t read the first 2 books, but this can be read as a standalone. It includes a few things that will give you an idea of what happened in the previous books, but it won’t reveal too much. I was actually left wanting to read the other books in the series, and that’s always a good thing.

The Jamieson series tells the story about these three brothers and their life as musicians. They’re big stars and everything, but I believe they’re all very ground to earth. Each one of these brothers have their own personality, and they all give something special to their band. That is, until they can’t take the pressure, the tiredness of it all any more. At least, some of them can’t. They want more out of their life, but Garret doesn’t think he can do anything else other than being part of the Jamieson band. This book is about this third brother. Garret is ver determined in getting what he wants, but what he loves most, what he wants more than anything, that’s not something he’s going to get back. He needs other options, or at least that’s what everyone else keeps saying. There has to be more to life than being part of a boy band, right? And there is, he just needs to take a good look and believe in himself.

Like I said before, I thought this was a very nice book. It’s an easy read, something that will get your mind off of things for a while. The characters are very relatable and I really liked each character’s stories. They felt real and being able to see each side (the girl’s and the guy’s) gave me the opportunity to understand their actions and decisions, which allowed me to be more patient, especially with Garrett. One thing I thought came a little too fast was the romance, because it all started very slow, and then all of the sudden, they were really into each other. There was a subtle chemistry between them when they got to spend some real time together, but even then, their interest in each other wasn’t that “obvious”. But then, after it finally happened, they’re relationship was really sweet and it gave me a few butterflies. Another thing I felt left me feeling a little bit incomplete, was her family. I guess, I never got a real closure with her mom, or never saw whatever happened to her siblings.

I’m a sucker for the stories where one of the characters has something to be redeemed for, and this was one of those. Under The Spotlight is told from both Garret’s and Riley’s POV. Garret is focused on getting his life back together after being dumped by his own brothers. He hasn’t believed he could do anything important with his life besides what he’d been doing since he was little, but now is his chance to prove himself more than to anyone else, that he is capable of doing and being great. When you’re able to get inside a guy’s head, it’s amazing how much your perspective can change. Garret is the bossy type. He likes being in charge, and getting everything the way he wants it. It’s not that he’s a spoiled brat, but more like, he believes he makes good decisions, at least when it comes to his work. He’s good at what he does and he knows it, but it’s hard for him to accept that he might not be right about everything or that there are other ways to do things. Riley challenges him. She’s the kind of girl who will stand up for herself after being stepped on by her own mom and other people so many times in the past. She knows what she wants, and she works hard to get it. I liked that about her. She’s a fighter and has a good heart.

This is the kind of book that leaves you thinking that there’s more to life than what you already know. We all have a comfort zone, but it doesn’t define every part of us. More often than not, we believe we are what we are, and nothing more. Under The Spotlight gives you a chance to revaluate that statement and believe there’s always something more around the corner, and just because it’s not something we know or are familiar with, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Changes suck, but we can’t do anything about it but embrace it and make the best of it.

I liked this book, I might end up reading the first two 🙂


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