Book Review: Where You’ll Find Me by Erin Fletcher

Where You’ll Find Me

Erin Fletcher

3.5 stars

19404327**ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for honest review.**

Where You’ll Find Me introduces you to a girl, Hanley Helton, who’s been lying to her parents, sneaking out of her house, partying and drinking her way out for a while now. After experiencing a traumatic event a couple of years ago without receiving the proper help from her parents, she decided that it was best to shut down completely. Leaving all deep and meaningful conversations with her family and friends aside. Until she meets Nate. The guy who’s been living in her garage for who knows how long. They both have secrets they don’t want to share, but as they start to get to know each other, their trust grows so it becomes easier for Hanley to share what’s really going on with her. Especially when he seems to be the only person who truly understands her.

I’ll start by saying I liked this book. The plot and the characters were pretty entertaining. First you have Hanley, you don’t know much at first about what happened to her, but you know something happened. It’s not hard to guess what that was, at least it was not for me. She’s angry, sad and the guilt is killing her. So she tends to find her escape in alcohol and parties, that way she can find some peace and forget her past, at least for a little while. She’s stubborn as hell and she’ll rather lie to her parents than to make them (or herself) face the truth about what’s going on with her life. Then we have Nate, the runaway kid. We don’t know much about him at first, just that he’s clearly hiding something. Something big. But his secrets can’t be as bad if he’s this sweet guy, right? Yes, he’s a sweet, funny guy. Even though his situations is kind of weird and suspicious, you know he’s good. So I liked him a lot. And he seemed truly worried about Hanley’s well being, even from the start.

So, yes, I liked this book, but… Not enough to give it a 4 or 5 star, hence the 3.5. Let me explain my rating.

This is a fast and light book and it kind of intrigued me at the beginning, but as the story went on.. the magic kind of disappeared. The book gets too predictable, and even though lately we all know or can assume how a lot of books will turn out, the way the situations are described makes the story believable and real, you know? Of course, there are some things you might think about when you’re reading this book, such as “why would someone let a stranger live in your garage?” or “no one reacts like that when you find some dude living in your garage”, etc. But, let’s put that aside, and think… This is a book, some of the reactions may not be too realistic, but it’s just a book. There are weirder ways for a book character to meet and fall in love with another character. In this case, it didn’t bother me. What did bother me was that I kind of felt like, since the story was coming to an end, it had to increase its pace, so it didn’t go so smoothly. Like, all of the sudden there were all these revelations (Hanley’s, Nate’s parents, Hanley’s parents…) and they all were like “OMG, I can see clearly now!”, so after being mad for a long time, people just forgive everyone and move on? Hmm, no. This was what felt like the most unrealistic part of the book. At the end everything seemed kind of forced.


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