Men We Love: Moses Wright



  • mosesMoses Wright.


  • Amy Harmon.


  • Painting.

In One Word:

  • Cracked.

Why We Love Him:

1. Moses way of seeing life.
2. Moses mind.
3. Moses heart.
4. Moses paintings.
5. Eli.

Oh Moses, you’re a tough one for sure. He’s the kind of guy who’s extremely hard to decipher, because he’s hot and cold in a matter of seconds, but his heart, and his mind are so mysterious, so interesting, you end up craving for more and more. He sees and understands life in a way no one else does. He sees beyond the layers of life and people, and that’s just one of the thousand reasons why we love him: his point of view is just incredibly mind-blowing. We love his fractured way of being, his insane passion about painting, his absolute love for Georgia, and his complete devotion to Eli. He is extraordinary.

Some Quotes:

“If I were to paint you, I would use every color.”

“Those are my five greats for Georgia today. Those were my five greats yesterday and they will be tomorrow and the next day, until your kisses get old. Then I’ll have to think of something else.”

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