how do you feel about “the other guy” of the story?


So, you know how lately there are a lot of books with love triangles? Well, yes. There are A LOT of them and I’ve always wondered, how do people feel about that other guy?

I personally think almost everyone of them are quite annoying. Those guys appear and they make it their mission to get in the way the whole damn time.

I’m one guy type of girl, I pick my team from the start and I stick with it. I can say only a handul of characters have confused me and made me feel torn between them (and when I say a handful, I might be exaggerating a bit, because there aren’t that many), but there has always been some extreme situation in the story that starts that love war in my head and heart (and I always feel guilty over liking both, like I’m betraying or cheating on one or the other).

It’s not easy (at least not for me) to care for two guys in a story, but sometimes, both guys are so incredibly perfect. Take Nate and and Jack (from the Emi Lost & Found series by Lori L. Otto) or Beau Bennet and Asher Hunt (from When It Rains), for example. Neither of these stories have a love triangle per se, but somehow it ends up being one for the reader. I’ll explain.

You meet two amazing guys. Sure, both have their flaws, but who doesn’t? Each of them have their own set of good qualities, one is incredibly passionate and intense, the other is overly sweet and reliable. And you know how much they care for the girl. But they’re not clingy or seem desperate to get the girl. And their love feels real.

So, talking from a reader’s POV, how can you not fall in love with both of them? It’s really hard, because they’re both such good guys. I like to think that, either way, they’ll both come to realize what their place is. That’s the thing about a good “other guy”, they’ll do anything for the girl’s happiness.

In my case, this falling-over-two-guys thing isn’t something that happens a lot. In fact, like I said, it’s very rare. They’d have to feel real to me and the author must create a character that I feel I can relate from the start.

But let me tell you something, one of the major reasons I don’t like “other guys” it’s because they are too clingy or they won’t take a hint or are just messing everything up for the fun of it. And sometimes it feels like their intentions are not completely good, you know? Oh, and there are some that are just TOO GOOD it becomes kind of annoying. The other reason is because I felt a connection that’s a lot stronger with one guy than it is with the other. And at the end, that’s what matters, right?

Some go straight to that other guy, even though it may be obvious he isn’t the one the girl’s meant to be with. Some will always fall for the guy she’s meant to be (that’s me) and some will always fall for both of them.

How do you feel about “other guys“? ๐Ÿ™‚



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5 thoughts on “how do you feel about “the other guy” of the story?

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  2. Lucia @Reading Is My Breathing

    Great post! I have never ever liked both boys in any love triangle. Once I pick my favorite, no author has ever made me feel torn between the two male characters. And as you said in your post, “the other boy” is usually pretty annoying, and poeple who cannot take a hint irritates me.


    1. lostinabookblog

      YESSSSS! THANK YOU!!!!! I dislike other boys way too much for my own sake hahaha. Once i’ve picked my favorite, there’s no say I’m going back. It feels like cheating, you know? I’m happy someone understands my feelings towards other guys haha. -Daniela!


  3. Sara Johns

    Great post! I’m with you! It’s a rare occassion if I end up liking both guys in a love triangle. I normally feel two ways about the other guy: 1 – He’s annoying and I don’t see what the heroine’s conflict is or 2 – He’s a little pathetic and I feel sorry for him. I want him to find his girl, but not the girl in the story lol.


    1. lostinabookblog

      LOL! Thank you. Your first option is how I feel about them most of the time haha. I normally can’t stand them. There are a million girls, why focus your attention on the one that already has the perfect boy? Jeez ๐Ÿ™‚


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