Rowell, Rainbow – Fangirl


Rainbow Rowell

4 stars

This was a cute story, definitely a cute one. This is my third book by Rainbow Rowell and I have to say I just love her.

Rowell, R. - FangirlFangirl is a story about a girl who’s force to live without her twin sister for the first time, so she’s trying to find out who she is without her sister. She gets a friend in her roommate when she’s not looking and she meets the perfect boy for her but she doesn’t know how to do the boyfriend-girlfriend thing.

I really liked Cath, she’s a innocent girl who’s been through some hard stuff, so she found some kind of refuge in the Simon Snow’s books, so she spends a lot of time reading about them and re-writing the story about the characters, and not so much in the real world.

Levi.. Oh Levi. I just loved him. Levi and his all-day smiles. He’s the guy Cath needs, he can make her smile, he can make her laugh and he can make her trust again. So, even when he messed everything up… I just couldn’t be mad at him and neither could Cath :).

This book is a funny and light read. I enjoyed it very, very much 🙂

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