Walden, S. – Going Under

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Going Under

S. Walden

5 Stars

Jeez..I honestly don’t even know where to start. How about saying this book is intense and dark as hell! Like cry your eyes out intense. Well the narrator, Brooklyn or Brooke for short, is a high school senior who has a not so shiny past. I fell in love with her immediately because she’s not perfect, nor stupid, and tries her hardest to redeem herself. I’m a COMPLETE romantic through and through but honestly this book gives just a tiny bit of it, like a cherry on top. Some scenes are funny as hell and some are kinda cute and heart warming. And Ryan is sexy as hell. I just felt like they should have told each other more when they’re relationship progressed.

Going Under delivered in every way possible, good writing, good characters, awesome story. My only teeny tiny complaint(not really a complaint) is that the crap that went on in the book should have probably been with at least college kids. Cal, Tim, and Parker are sick psychopaths! Like who talks like that?!? I would feel better hating them if they were older

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