There are a bunch of books and authors we’ve absolutely loved, and you might have heard of some, but you might find some new ones you might like. So, here’s our list of the authors and their books we feel you NEED to read, because they are full of so many good things, and once you’ve read them, there’s no going back.

We’ll be updating this list weekly :). You can learn more about these authors and why we love their books by clicking on the name of the author below.

If you guys have any recommendation, please let us know! 🙂 We’re always looking for new books and new authors <3

4 thoughts on “we recommend

  1. Mandi

    I’ve read lots of Any Harmon but haven’t read that one. (Plan on it though) Bright side was splendid. And I love Tiffanis deBartolo, but I haven’t read the one listed. I’m so glad it’s summer again. If it ever stops raining in tx, I will be poolside with some of these in my hand.


  2. Phyllis C

    If you liked the Choisie series by Lori L Otto, you will LOVE the Emi Lost and Found series which started it all!!! Dont miss it. Start with the prequel nivella which is usually available free Not Today but Someday. This series is a great lead in to Choisie. If u have already read the Choisie series, read the other books then read Choisie again…u will get even more out of it.


    1. lostinabookblog

      YESSSS! The EL&F series is beyond amazing. It’s one of my absolute favorite series. I’m still not over Nate


    2. lostinabookblog

      YESSSS! The Emi Lost & Found series is one of our absolute favorite series! I’m still not over Nate haha!


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