what does reading a book mean to you?


Yes, whoever said you could work and read on your free time, never really liked reading in the first place.

People might think that we just got bored or something with our blog or well.. many won’t even care, but we haven’t. This blog has been such an awesome experience, even if not so many people see our posts or whatever, we can say whatever we feel, want, wish. I personally love this. If I could do this for a living, I’d do it in a heartbeat. But, life is a pretty tricky thing and we can’t. Too bad.

Since I started working again, like a 2 months ago, I’ve been having less and less time to read. Can you believe that? Well, yes. I miss reading. I miss staying a whole day reading a book without stoping. Only for the useless things like, you know, food or sleep.

I love my job. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been learning so much and many of those things have actually helped me with our Facebook page… but man do I miss my free time.

To a lot of people, reading is just a hobby, something to entertain themselves. To me is so much more than that. Yes, of course I do it because it’s pretty entertaining, but it’s also a way to calm my nerves if I’m anxious or nervous about something. It’s a way of getting away if I’m upset or sad or happy. It’s something that will surely take me to a happy place, even if what I’m reading isn’t all that happy. I’ve had the chance to meet awesome characters. I’ve fallen in love countless of times. I’ve been heartbroken just as many times.

It’s amazing, the way a book will get in your mind and won’t come out, no matter how much you try… although I have to admit I don’t try very hard. The way a book will open your mind to new worlds, new points of view, new ways of being… a movie can’t do that. A tv show can’t do that.

Reading is an addictive habit, yes, but it’s also the best habit anyone could have. I’m always trying to get people who are close to me to read something and sometimes they’ll give it a chance, but sometimes they won’t even consider it. It saddens me, because I don’t think people realize how awesome it is. Buuut, it’s their loss.

So, I wanted to apologize to you guys, because we, Soreonne and I, haven’t been that active with our blog lately. And for that we are truly sorry.


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