Williams, Nicole – Clash (Crash #2)

Clash (Crash #2)

Nicole Williams

5 stars

Aaaand, we have our favorite couple back *happy dance*.Williams, N - Clash

This book continues the story of Lucy and Jude, this amazing but troubled couple. They’re both in college now, Lucy dancing her ass off and Jude playing football. They’re in a good place now, they see each other whenever they can and they love each other beyond anything.

After reading Crash I was just soooo happy to read Clash, because, seriously.. Jude and Lucy are my first favorite book couple. I fell in love with them from the start. In this book we have happy moments, some sad moments, which had me soooo nervous. When everything went down, I felt soo bad for both of them.. But then, Jude.. omg! He just broke my heart, but only because he was so sad.. He was sooo heartbroken. I could feel it.. Even when it was described from Lucy’s POV. And then… Lucy just pissed me off! She can’t be this stubborn. Come on!!!! Like, seriously..

One thing I loved in this book and also in the first one was how Jude could always find Lucy.. It didn’t matter where they were. He always found her, like he could feel her whenever she was in the same room (or football stadium) as him.

I sooo don’t want this story to end. I’m sure I’ll miss them!

4 stars

I read this book in less than a day lol But anywho…One word JUCY!! Ok so Luce is my girl and all but she did piss me off with the back and forth games. And don’t even get me started on the little hospital charade. Jude is my dream guy, protective but not dominating. Loves hard and not afraid to show it. *sigh* While this one had a more adult feel to it I liked the first better. But Clash was still awesome.

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