Williams, Nicole – Crash (Crash #1)

Crash (Crash #1)

Nicole Williams

5 stars

I love this book so muchhh!!!!!

I’m reading Crash for the second time, and i just love it as much as I loved it the first time. Jude & Lucy are my favorite book couple.
Williams, N. - Crash
When I first read the summary about this book I marked it as to-read almost immediately, the cover was what got my attention and, I have to say, I’m not loving the new cover that much, I prefer the one with the girl dancing ballet and the converse shoes for Crash and the one with the boy, arms crossed, and the tutu in the back, for Clash, but eghhh, what the hell, the book is still amazing.

So, Crash is about this good girl and a bad boy. A good girl who stands up for herself and a bad boy who wants to protect the only person he’s ever cared for, beside himself. At first, you get to see Jude as a complete asshole and Lucy notices, except that, in a few and small comments full with vulnerability, she can see that he’s more than that bad boy and cocky attitude. But still, he’s being a complete asshole. She knows she has to stay away, he tells her to stay away, but she cant, and neither can he. Their relationship is a tad problematic, he does some stupid things and so does she, but at the end, he always finds her. I looooove how he can always find her.

When I first read this book, I did it in like a day in a half, I couldn’t stop, and after I was finished, I started Clash. The writing was good, the plot was kind of predictable (a little) but it was still so good. I mean, the characters are so relatable. I could understand Lucy’s frustration, sadness, happiness.. And Jude!! JUDE! The guy is full of intense feelings. You just know he doesn’t love.. he LOVES/ADORES Lucy and he would do anything for her, even if it means staying away (I don’t agree with that, though. I hate it when the boy assumes what’s best for the girl. Let the girl decide what is and what is not good for her, for Christ’s sake!).

I loved, loved, loved Crash.

I’d love to see this book on tv or a movie, haha it would be awesome.

5 stars

Loved loved loved it! Lucy had me at hello. Of course she made some mistakes like any other 17 year old would but her character kicked ass to me. Jude makes me wanna slap the taste outta his mouth but I honestly loved his tortured butt. The book flowed great. The only thing I didn’t like was the conversation at the end with Luce and her dad. It just seemed outta place or just weird. But overall I totally good read.

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