10 Awesome Summer Party Games | Fun Ideas For Everyone!

10 party games that will surely bring lots of fun at your next Summer bash. These DIY games can easily be prepared at home or anywhere else! Gather your family and friends and try these out!
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Game List & Materials

1. Ping Tac Toe
Items: ping pong balls, 9 cups/glasses

2. Whack Attack
Items: 32 oz. cylinder bottles, Sharpie markers, wooden spoons

3. Mega Bubble
Items: bubbles, hoop

4. Puddle Jumper
Items: cups, ping pong balls

5. Pong Oscillator
Items: oscillating fan, cups, ping pong balls

6. Floatacious
Items: punch bowl, small plate, empty soda cans

7. Flip Cup
Items: cups, drink (your beverage of choice)

8. Pong Classic
Items: cups, ping pong balls

9. Tipsy
Items: soda

10. Ker-Plink! Or Plunk!
Items: punch bowl, dipping bowl, marbles

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  1. This is more fun and great!!!
    It seems more effective of how fun it is.
    Might seems awesome experience.

  2. Here's another easy and fun one: I designed my app, Naked English, to help English students improve their pronunciation, but realised the tongue twisters would also make a brilliant drinking game: the app uses voice recognition and gives you an instant % accuracy match for any given phrase, lowest % match has to chug. Beautiful in its simplicity and always a tonne of fun. Check Naked English in the iOS AppStore and give it a go!

  3. I frequently have parties and all my crowd knows is beer pong, so I searched for other party games online. On this video, I only like 2 of the games. The one which you drink a plastic cup (1/2 full of beer) and then flip it down,. The other won was like bowling pong where you throw ping pong balls onto one table to let it bounce into another table with a triangular set of water cups.

  4. Dope video! Getting all my supplies from www.wilderparty.com ! I am going all out for this next party I'm planning!


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