21 Deeply Disturbing Indie Video Games

This is an educational list about 21 Deeply Disturbing Video Games, We made this list to show case some of the darkest, emotional video game stories you may not of heard of. This top 20 should tell people about video games and their impact on society as a whole. We realize that people like WatchMojo go out of their way to make their lists irreverent and that can upset individuals. We did not do that, we put time effort and research into this magical video so if you would like to thank me, consider donating on patreon OR Checking out the awesome people who made this list possible Linked down below.

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Night In the Woods
Lisa: The First
Life After us/The System M
Cry Of Fear
Hello? … Hell…o?
We Happy Few
Notes of Obsession
The Crooked Man
Mad father
The Graveyard
Layers of fear
Little Nightmares
Papers, Please
Hello Neighbor
Lone Survivor

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34 thoughts on “21 Deeply Disturbing Indie Video Games”

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  2. Why is the we happy few different, I'm not trying to be an ass but you got the we happy few entry a bit wrong.

  3. So, I think another game that would have been great for this list is Sally Face. I won't spoil anything, but it was honestly one of the most heart-wrenching and disturbing games I've ever played, and is honestly something I want to play again in the future. When you talked about Oxenfree, it reminded me of how Sally Face made me feel. I was in tears by the end, and had to pause the game more than once to just sob because of what the game had me do. It affected me for a few days afterwards, and I still feel things when I think about the game. If you ever make another list like this, check out Sally Face. I really think you'd like it. The final chapter came out earlier this year, too!

  4. i played misao years ago before it was even on steam. i got it from vgperson's list of translated rpgmaker games. i was a bit young playing the game, about like 14-16. i finished the game, and can confirm, it is very disturbing. sexual abuse is a huge theme in misao. a very sad and gruesome, but good game.

  5. I enjoyed this video alot! There are some more games that I thought of after, that might fit this category might be Town of light, That Dragon, Cancer, What remains of Edith Finch, Fran Bow and Sally Face.

  6. What Arthur did to his brother in We Happy Few was horrid, but, I feel you are being a bit hard on him….. He was a kid when it happened. A scared child.

  7. I miss telltale so much, at least skybound finished season 4 of the walking dead
    also, who else was waiting for fnaf and We Happy Few?

  8. Dude, you’re.. probably the realest YouTuber I’ve ever heard. It’s heartwarming to hear you. You’re so rad.

  9. …teen angst, drama and neurosis… Yes, how enjoyable.
    Ah, I remember the simpler times of madmen with masks just hacking up teens.

  10. The thing that still bothers me the most about The Crooked Man was the part later in the game where they felt the need to make the monster EAT AN EMBRYO MODEL. I’m trying to figure out what it means or if there even is any hidden meaning to it.

  11. Pretty dumb.. is the mind of the average person. Trying to explain why games don’t cause behavior must be simplified for them unfortunately. It would be best explained similarly to this: do Pokémon games cause dog or chicken fighting rings? Do metal gear solid games cause people to become spies? Does dance dance revolution games cause people to take up dancing careers? No… games provide an escape from reality. Perhaps the movie series about rocky the boxer inspired some to become boxers, but those people may have become boxers anyway if the rocky movies never existed.

  12. 31:39 Oh shit indeed. As a Finn it's my sacred duty to inform that "ripuli" means diarrhea and "paska" shit. I've heard great things about that game but it's a bit hard to take it seriously after seeing that.


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