5 Disturbing Games That Are Illegal To Play

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Games Mentioned:
► Hatred (Indie Game Developed by Destructive Creations)
► Postal Series (Developed by Running With Scissors)
► Ethnic Cleansing (Developed by Resistance Records)
► Sad Satan (Deep Web Game, Developer Unknown)
► Manhunt 2 (Developed by Rockstar)

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37 thoughts on “5 Disturbing Games That Are Illegal To Play”

  1. Okay but hatred being banned is kinda dumb, like GTA you can kill literally anyone. And also if Hatred treated it correctly (I wouldn't know because I can't play it) it could be a serious message about mental health.

  2. most of these games shouldn't even be banned they look poorly made and boring, I don't think anyone would've invested a single penny to buy one these except for manhunt

  3. Nintendo doesn’t allow adult rated only games? But they allow that stupid ass nekopara game or whatever and that’s not even for kids. Nintendo is fucked up for that.

  4. hatred is actually a pretty fun game, and is really a quality top down shooter. There are much more "disturbing" games that the ESRB has let slide by with M ratings. If you can play through NO RUSSIAN from CoD then you'll be fine with Hatred. I'm thinking hatred is over the top in more of a satierical way rather than seriously portraying mass murder.

    Also same people made IS DEFENSE which is an awesome game!

  5. I think your information on Manhunt 2 might be incorrect. I live in the United States, I used to see Manhunt 2 in the video game section all the time back in those day, so I don’t know how you figure it was not sold in major retailers and was banned in America.

  6. May be a little wrong on man hunt 2, from what I can tell rule of rose was banned before man hunt 2.

    There were very few English copy, the legends say, they were all recall just a day before English, and some places, broke street date and sold a few early.

  7. Hatred isn't illegal. It is downloaded on steam and I preordered it. It bans anyone from Twitch that streams it.

    4:30 You are dead wrong. Do you even live in America? I preordered and plays Man Hunt 2 for the Nintendo Wii. It changed from adults to mature rating since they filter every action scene and corpse. But you can still make out what it should be showing. You also use both Wii remotes to act out each murder sequence. Making it the better version of all other systems.

  8. It's okay to be a killer. However it's NOT okay to be a racist killer. You need to be willing to kill EVERYONE. Ok common sense.


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