A Fun Wakeboarding Game | Let's Play: Wakeboarding Unleashed / Original Xbox / Retro in HD

Wakeboarding Unleashed Feature Shaun Murray – Original Xbox, 2003
Wakeboarding Game

Long Story, Short:
You’ll explore nine exotic watery levels with 7 champion wakeboarders — you can also drive the boat and help friends pull of realistic tricks
Fully interactive environments – Tall grass to cut through, birds to scare away, other boats to bump into.
Unique rope mechanics lets players release the rope & drift into new areas and unlock secrets
The enormous career mode takes you across the world, from Lake Powell to Hong Kong Harbor, as you pull off the stunts & tricks that make your name as a pro!

IGN gave the game an 8.6/10

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22 thoughts on “A Fun Wakeboarding Game | Let's Play: Wakeboarding Unleashed / Original Xbox / Retro in HD”

  1. Man, Id love to see more of this game. The demo was on Tony Hawks pro skater 3, and I never had the full game, but I bet I played that demo as much as I did ps3

  2. Not tryna hate but when you say "I like watching wakeboard" then proceed to say I hope you can kickflip, I'm gonna call bullshit on the "I watch wakeboard" part. As a wakeboarder myself, you should know there's fixations to your feet just like a snowboard… You can't do flip tricks on a wakeboard. Anyways good video though. I like your channel.

  3. dude i played this on a demo when i was a child! i never bought it tho. regret it now. please do more on this!

  4. Was that your first checkpoint race? Who doesn't know to go through the checkpoints xD good video man. That last challenge was cool


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