Add NVMe driver support to Windows 7 Installation

More and more notebooks use M.2 NVMe drives:
Razer Blade Stealth
Asus ux390, ux306, X99-PRO
Macbook pro retina
hp spectre x360 and 13
Dell xps 13/15
Xiaomi mi Air 13

All of them use NVMe drives M.2:
Samsung SM951, 950, 960 Pro
WD Black
Intel SSD 600p Series

Other PCIe SSD drives:
Plextor M6e
G Skill Phoenix Blade
Asus RAIDR Express
Toshiba OCZ RD400 Series
Kingston Digital Hyper X Predator
Intel 750

Add native driver support in NVMe in Windows 7 Installation
Files used in the tutorial:

Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool:

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool:

Samsung nvme drivers for windows 7:

Windows 7* USB 3.0 Creator Utility:



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35 thoughts on “Add NVMe driver support to Windows 7 Installation”

  1. So to clarify. You need a skylake or later intel processor in order to make this work? I have an Ivy bridge processor. Guess i'm stuck with windows 10.

  2. For those who need never drivers like for samsung nvme 970evo

  3. Hola! Estoy por comprar un Corsair Mp510, pero lo colocaré en un adaptador NVMe—PCI Express, ¿podré hacerlo del mismo modo que lo hiciste con el Samsung?

  4. useless video.
    all links are dead and even finding things apart, this simply won't work and freeze at intel patch…. thingie…
    crappy work ^^
    EDIT: I wrote too fast ! my very own bad !!!
    The author made a ( precious ) backup of all the files…..
    BE SURE this will NEVER work with any file you can find here or there…..
    It appears only the files ( in english ) bckpd by the author will work.
    At moment i'm patching the iso. it's quite long but goes ahead….
    I'm not sure though it will be able to install win7 on my NVME disk…..
    will keep you informed 🙂
    Oh and…. to the author….. thanks a lot for your dropbox files !!!! 😉

    EDIT2: unfortunately it won't work.
    Those kingston ass'les make devices intended to never work on win7… looks like some µ$ dik sukin 8-o
    I'll make ads on kingston NVME scam….

    have a nice evening !

  5. How much time does mounting takes…??
    It's taking way more time than I thought it would ☹️
    What's the step that causes problem…??

  6. Everyone says it works, but my pc have a Sandisk SSD m.2 128 gb and i don't find any driver :/ i've tried almost everything hopefully this works


  8. the windows 7 usb image creator gets stuck at "cleaning up mount directory" and does nothing, what should i do? I did this with both my flash usb 2.0 16gb & flash usb 3.0 128gb & same result.I'm also using windows 10

  9. I'm being told that if using a bracket off the PCI x 4 slot (white) with an adapter on a DDR4 PC it can only use NMVe for storage and not for booting unless its a NVMe port is part of the mother board. I bought a used HP 800 G2 tower which shows a spec sheet with storage options including a Samsung 870 Evo as part of what they call their "turbo" option. That's what pushed me to buying this used HP on Ebay. It said nothing about not booting so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your fix will work otherwise I will be taking a heavy loss on selling it. Do you happen to know if the 800 G2 tower has an NVMe port or proprietary a card that will allow it to boot? Thanks

  10. That's amazing! So are the same drivers also available online for the Samsung 970 EVO Plus Series? If so I'm going to buy a newer used PC with DDR4 memory and an M.2 PCI Express adapter and try this. I'll leave my results. One other question… Have you tried to do a normal installation with a Sata SSD and then clone that to a NVMe drive or does that not work? Thank you so much!

  11. I have been looking for that USB 3.0 Creator Utility for so long… thank you so much for storing it somewhere!!!

  12. sad 🙁 mine cant complete the process of patching the drivers. only this one" Mounting boot.wim image:1 WinPe" the next step cant proceed. even I wait a whole day


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