This man just can’t get enough.
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30 thoughts on “ARIN LOVES WENDY'S!”

  1. After watching the fast food taste test Grumps episode, this video is almost too heart wrenching and painful to watch. It's like rewatching one of your favorite movies or shows knowing the tragedy that's about to follow what seems like some sweet happy times for the characters Oh, Arin. Oh, Wendy's…..

  2. It was here we witnessed the rise and fall of an era. On winds of grease and sizzling bacon, the great Prophet Arin spoke of a love, one so great as to outweigh all love that had come before, and would grow larger than any love could hope to be. But nay, he was a false prophet, his words twisted and vain against the cruelties of time. The love he swore would come had fallen upon him, the crashing of those mayo waves eroding the truth behind the words. It was in honor he spoke his true feelings, and though his tongue had failed him in speech and taste, he had learned something of himself he had sworn to never reveal. The endless Chain of Wendy had crumbled, and Arin was left with nothing but ash and sadness. He did not love the Wendy, and in turn, she could never love him back.

  3. "I hate that. That is disgusting. It's like, stale. Tastes like ash" – Arin Hanson, while eating a Wendy's burger 11/21/19

  4. Hold on. I swear that burger that was on that steam train video was a Burger King whopper… not a Wendy’s burger… Am i wrong or stupid?….

  5. I recently quit the Wendy's I worked at cause the manager wanted me to serve expired meat I still love Wendy's though just not that one


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