Bartol, Amy – Intuition (Premonition #4)

Incendiary (Premonition #4)

Amy A. Bartol

5 stars

Oh yes! This book.. this series is just awesome! I love it soooo much.


In this fourth book you already know and love Evie. Yes, sometimes she can be a bit annoying, because she just won’t let Reed make the strategic decisions. But you know her intentions are good. She wants to protect the ones she loves, her family. So now, Evie is running. She’s running from Brennus. Now that she has Reed back, she doesn’t want to let go, and why should her? Reed is <b>awesome</b>. She knows Brennus is a monster, she understands he’s obsessed with making her “his queen”, but truth be told, he just wants her to obey him, to own her, just like he owns his army of Gancanaughs. So she’s now doing everything she can to stay away from him.

“Just when you think that maybe Brennus is running’ out of crazy, he shows up with a brand new can of it… economy size.”

Yes Brennus is crazy. In the previous books, I was so confused because, even though I could never like/love him better or as much as Reed… He messes with your head, he knows how to do that. The guy makes you believe he truly loves and cares about Evie’s sake. You end up having a soft spot for him. (Well done Amy!) But in this book he shows no mercy. Not even for his <i>chroí</i>.

Here, we are introduced to a few new characters who are supposed to fight Brennus. We meet Evie’s dad, the great Tau and his two friends, Cole and Xavier. But we’ve heard of them before, you just don’t realize it until Amy explains it. Tau is protective and wants Evie to obey him. But she won’t have that. He tends to be a bit over protective and not in a good way. He clearly doesn’t know how to know how to be a Seraphim and a dad separately. Then there’s Xavier. They are both great angels, they know how to fight and protect those they love. And they’ll do it any way they think is the best, even if it means keeping Evie away from Reed. Oh, and then there’s Anya. God! I was SO happy when she came around. Finally! I like Russel, but I don’t like him getting in the way of Evie and Reed.

Well, when I first started this series I was completely hooked. I’ve read a few books about angels, but this is definitely one of my favorites. The plot is has a lot of things, in a good way. There’s always something going on, someone to protect, but it never turns annoying. You keep reading and reading, wanting to know more. The characters are amazing.

Evie is a girl looking forward to go to college and start her life, but soon enough, she finds out life may be a bit more complicated than she ever thought it could be. Reed, oh Reed. At first, he’s the mean guy, the stay-away-from-me kind of guy. But then he turns out to be this super romantic and devoted guy. There are some things he’s said that had me swooning like crazy. Russel, he’s the good friend, the soulmate. I like him just fine, but he’s no Reed. And then there’s Zee and Brownie and Buns! They’re all amazing friends, all they want is to have a family, someone they can love and trust.

I can’t wait to finally read the 5th book, I feel like I’ve been waiting FOREVER.

So Amy, pretty pleaaase, hurry! 🙂

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