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For this Blog Hop I wanted to show some Lori Love.


This incredible author wrote the Emi Lost & Found series, which is to me, one of the most amazing series I’ve read in my life. It is full of emotions and truth. Every character, every situation is completely relatable and real. You don’t just read a book, you get to know amazing characters, be part of their lives, feel what they’re feeling and LIVE the entire book.

Lori L. Otto created a story in which each character gives something important to it. No one is replaceable. Absolutely no one. You fall in love. You smile. You laugh. And you cry. You mourn. You believe. You (almost) move on. And you smile again.

I truly believe Lori L. Otto is an amazing author, and her books are a MUST read. Also, she’s an incredible person. I’ve had the chance to talk to her a few times and she’s one of the nicest and sweetest people :).

Her books:

Otto, L - Lost and found Otto, L - Lost and found 2 Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00010] NotTodayButSomeday_BW_210-2

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Purchase Links:

Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Lori Otto (signed copies)

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