Book Hangovers: What’s Your Cure?

We’ve all had them, and they can be a big pain in the arse. Yes, of course I’m talking about BOOK HANGOVERS!

I want to talk about cures but like real hangovers, are there really any other ways to get over them besides time? Or is it all just myth?

I remember reading True Love Story by Willow Aster and thinking “Wooow. This is the end of my life!” Hehe hey hey, a little melodrama never hurt right??? Well after reading, I still could not get the dear Sparrow and Ian out of my head! So I said “You know what Soreonne, let’s just move on to another book!” Ok…total bust. Then I tried rereading a book that’s always a go to. Again…total bust number two. After these two failed attempts I thought it would be a good idea to get my feelings about the book out to someone. Yea uhhh….bust number three. So finally I ended up rereading True Love Story (maybe twice. Ok three times) and Voila!! I was finally cured 🙂

Is there a sure way of curing your book hangovers?? I would love to hear you theories and test them myself!




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