Book Review: A Matter of Truth (Fate #3) by Heather Lyons


Name: A Matter of Truth (Fate #3)

Author: Heather Lyons


18627789Well, well, well. I thought I was going to die at some point thanks to my frustration but this book… it fixed EVERYTHING for me. Yes, I realized this might be a little spoilerish since I’ve stablished my favoritism before. So, *be warned*.

A Matter of Truth starts with Chloe being in Alaska. She now goes by the name of Zoe (clever, huh?), works at the Moose on the Loose, with a cool group of people who’ve become friends, I might say even family, to her. Specially one, Will Dane (I’ll get to him later). In the previous book, Chloe decided the best way to make her two loves get along and be the friends they used to be, she must leave them behind. She felt the need to start from scratch in some remote little town where no one would find her. Not the twins, not the Guard or the Council. Except, of course they would.

In this book, Chloe becomes completely different person to me. I’ve been told to be patient with her, so I’ve tried, and thank God it paid off. She has proved she can make a decision and stick with it. She has proved that she can learn from her mistakes and face the consequences they may have. Now, she has to come back and see the boys she once left and take responsibilities for her actions, love and work related.

Chloe has been a hard character for me. She’s starting to grow on me now, but man did I struggled. One needs to be patient and hopeful that everything is going to be okay. Now I can focus :). Chloe’s more mature now, she’s focused on doing what needs to be done, no matter the risk BUT thinking things twice before acting. She’s now taking her responsibilities as she should and taking matters into her own hands, because if she doesn’t do it, then who? I believe now she’s sure of what her destiny or her job is now. She can’t run away, she knows this now. She just needs to accept her Fate, at least when it comes to her job. And I think she finally has.

“Having a partner doesn’t define you. Love doesn’t define you. You have to do that yourself. You have to decide who you are, what you want, and where you want to go. But when you do find somebody you want to share your life with, it needs to be for the right reasons.”

About her love life… well, she finally saw the light! Thank God and everything that is good. I’m now happy. Yeah, I’m still not over that it took her so long to finally realize who she’s meant to be with, but I get it, having two connections is a bit confusing. But man, since I’ve had my favorite from the start, my issues with the other guy get bigger and bigger with every single page. She obviously has a lot more growing up to do, but it’s a good start.

“We are one. We are nothing. We are everything.”

Let’s talk a bit about her friends back in Alaska. Well, they’re all family now. We have the nice girl, the bitchy but honest girl, the nice guy and the best friend. In no more than a few months, they become part of Chloe’s life, even if they don’t know who she really is or where she really came from, they accept the part of her she can truly show and make room for her in their own little family.

Now, let’s be a bit more specific. Let me talk a bit about Will. Will Dane is the best friend. He’s the best friend she could ever have. He’s honest, true, realistic, loving and he truly cares about Chloe. You can see it every time he talks to her. He respects Chloe and her privacy but he also knows when and how to push to get some info. He sees the girl who’s afraid of doing the wrong thing, who’s afraid of losing what’s important to her. But he also sees the potential in her. He sees a powerful girl who can and will be brilliant in whatever she’s meant to do.

Fate get’s in the way though, and things might be a little bit more complicated than what she knows and expects.

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