Book Review: After the rain (Rain #1.5) by Lisa DeJong


Name: After the rain (Rain #1.5)

Author: Lisa De Jong

Rating: rating-5

After the rain - Lisa De JongI have to be completely honest with you guys, I loved Beau Bennett from the first page he showed up in When It Rains. Many of you may not love or even like him very much, but I did. I love him. He’s the kind of guy you want to have in your life. The kind of friend you want to be there with you through the good and the bad. And don’t get me wrong, I loved and still love Asher with all my heart. He’s one of those book boyfriend you won’t ever forget, but I just wanted Beau and Kate to be together so much and after everything… I think they deserved that time together.

After The Rain starts just where we left off in When It Rains. Kate is taking a new risk, she’s letting herself start a new life and have all kinds of new possibilities. With Beau. After everything that happened, getting lost and putting up walls again is no longer an option. She promised Asher she wouldn’t.

This book is all about second chances or even third chances, it’s about what happens when you let yourself be happy. This is truly a happily ever after. And you know what I loved about it? I got to see it. I mean, we’re so used to read about the first time a girl and a boy meet, their first kiss, their first fight, their struggle and then when they finally fix everything. But not this. I mean, Kate and Beau had a lot to work on, a lot to accept to be together, but they were ok with doing whatever they needed to do to be, live and make each other happy. They are their forevers. And I love it.

“People walk in and out of our lives all the time, but there are ver few who we hold onto long after they’ve gone. They’re the ones who impact our lives and help determine who we become. Kate’s that and more for me.

– Beau.

This quote couldn’t be more accurate for this book. Beau said it but it works for both of them. It even works for me.

I just want to say, to all the Asher lovers, I am too, an Asher fan, who isn’t? The guy was PERFECTION from head to toe. He was what Kate needed, and she was what he needed at the time. They were there for each other and opened up and lived and I’m sure he would always have a big piece of Kate’s heart (and mine, of course). She was the love of his life. And just so you know, yes, his letter to Beau made me cry. He’s always been so sweet and thoughtful. I bet he knew Kate and Beau would eventually be together. I bet he knew how much Kate meant to Beau. I bet he’s happy.

Kate has grown so much. After meeting Asher she became someone completely different. She’s now a strong and confident girl. She’s now the girl she was always supposed to be, but so much better. Maybe she needed that break from her life to see everything from a different perspective and so she could appreciate what she had. Now she doesn’t take anything for granted. Now she takes risks and see the potential happiness she can get from it.

“I don’t think it was ever possible for Asher to be my forever. That’s not the map that was laid out for either of us… I honestly believe he was meant to lead me back to you. I was always meant to be with you.


You know? After I read this I thought: “she’s so right.”, I mean, maybe Asher was meant to be her right now and Beau was meant to be her forever. But you know what? Kate was Asher’s forever. Why does that have to be a bad thing? I mean, it’s not like she didn’t appreciate Asher to think he was never her forever. I know she loved him deeply.

Now Beau.

Beau, Beau, Beau. He’s always been for Kate, he’s always loved her and he always will. I knew that from the first time I met him. He’s such a sweetheart and I hurt with him when he couldn’t be with Kate and when he felt he couldn’t do much for her. And I was happy when he finally got the chance to be with the girl he loved. I know he would always do whatever he needed to do to make her happy. I loved how deeply he loved Kate. It was so easy to see that. It was so easy to love him.

I loved this book SO much. It was closure. It was the happy ending I needed. But I need more. Now I’m intrigued to read the next book, I hope I get to do it soon.


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