Book Review: All of It by KimHolden


Name: All Of It
Author: Kim Holden
Rating: rating-4

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

All Of It is my first book by Kim Holden and oh it was such a sweet, sweet read. I really enjoyed every page of it.

“Life is sometimes…destined.”

1This book tells the story of Veronica Smith, her good and seemingly perfect life. She’s worked her whole life to do everything right, so she can get in the best school she can and have the life she wants. She’s a kind person, who loves to help those she love and then some. Her life is pretty simple. She has two wonderful parents who love her deeply. She has amazing friends: a best friend who protects and looks after her every single day, a friend who will say anything that comes to her mind without filtering it, and a shy but really smart and sweet friend who’ll help her with anything she needs. Her world is pretty simple… until Dimitri Glenn arrives to her school. Now, she has to be her tour guide for two days. The first day starts horrible, lots of awkward moments and not so nice moments. But, as the day goes one, things start to change. With Dimitri comes a familiarity, something that makes her feel comfortable around him. There’s something about him that makes it easy to talk to. But there’s something behind the sweet, and passionate, and reliable Dimitri.

“Hi, my name’s Veronica.”
“Hi, I’m Dimitri.” His voice is quiet, but confident.

Like I said, I really liked the book. It was sweet, it was heartfelt, and it was a fast read. The story itself was well paced, it was easy to read and easy to get in to. As I kept reading, I had this feeling about what was happening, but I felt the explanation came a bit too late. I understood the story perfectly when it came, but I thought it could’ve happened earlier. Don’t get me wrong, the book has a lot of things going on (and I say this in the best possible way), that help you get to know and understand the characters and their story. Each situation brings something important to the characters’ and the story’s development. Then, when the explanation comes, you’ve figured it out and, even though it no longer surprises you, it leaves you thinking: “yep, that’s what I thought, it makes sense.”

Still… I wish it had come earlier.

The characters were sooooo perfect. Veronica is such a relatable girl. I loved her from the first moment. Even though everyone might think her life is just perfect and everything comes easy for her, she’s gotten everything she has thanks to her dedication. And her parents’ support. She’s as good as it gets. She helps people because she loves to do something for others, she loves making people happy. It doesn’t mean she has it easy. She’s good, but she’s not perfect.

“Life is sometimes… a gift.”

Dimitri Glenn. From the first page I got hooked, because Dimitri seemed to be really interesting, and mysterious, and so… lovable. The guy gave me the butterflies from day one. There was something about him that made you fall for him pretty quickly. Even though the book is entirely from Veronica’s POV, you can feel and see how much he cares about her. His feelings for her are always there, never doubting. His mind and heart are set on having Veronica in his life, and he’ll do everything and be anything she wants and needs. He’s not just a boyfriend, he’s her friend too, her confidant. He’s her rock when she needs to be strong, he stays away when she needs her space. He’s the kind of guy that’s forever devoted to the girl he loves. I just loved him.

“Life is sometimes … finding something to live for.”

This being my first Kim Holden book, well.. I have to say that I loved her writing style. It was so beautiful and there were a few things that stuck with me, like the end of each chapter.

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