Book Review: Beloved (Belonging #1) by Corinne Michaels


Name: Beloved (Belonging #1)
Author: Corinne Michaels
Rating: rating-3.5

**ARC provided from author in exchange for an honest review**

3.75 stars

BelovedLet me start by saying that I liked this book a lot, only there were a few thing that didn’t completely agree with me, but overall, the story kept me really interested.

Beloved is the first book of the Belonging series by Corinne Michaels, which tells the story of Catherine Pope, a girl who’s been wronged by the men she has loved before. Every time she’s given her heart, someone finds a new way to crush it. But this time, she swears it’ll be the last one. The very last. Until she meets Jackson. Jackson Cole. Catherine is set on not going there, on not letting herself fall again. But she can’t help it, Jackson has come to make her live again, to make her feel again, to make her happy again. Is it really possible for Catherine to have happiness without the constant threat of heartache?

This book was quite interesting, it was well paced and the story kept me reading and reading and wanting more. Catherine and Jackson are very unique characters. She’s lost a lot and her only comfort is her best friend, her assistant and work. She’s determined to do whatever she can to keep going, to move on and to keep what matters to her most (her work) going as well as it has been. One thing I liked about her was the fact that she’s determined and strong and she doesn’t give up that easily, at least when it comes to some parts of her life. She’s not your typical victim kind of character. She makes a decision and stays with it until the very end. She’s stubborn but has a big heart. I really liked her. She’s honest and sarcastic and always trying to win. She has a lot to learn though, has a lot of forgiving to do too but I felt she was opened to it, to forgive those who deserved it.

But I liked Jackson more (obviously).

Jackson Cole is an ex SEAL, who will melt your heart and give you butterflies. He’s the kind of guy who’ll do whatever to keep you comfortable and to keep you at ease. He’s the kind of guy who’ll do anything to make others happy. He’s sweet and considerate and passionate and intriguing. And there’s a lot behind his strong face. He’s romantic and he knows just the right thing to say. He’s focused on getting what he wants and he knows what that is. I loved how cleared he was about everything around him, like he was certain about everything he had and wanted.

Everything about the story was good for me, but the thing that bothered me a little, hence the 3.75 stars, was that there was such a marked difference on how they talked to each other. One minute they were very sweet, specially Jackson, and the next, it was all rough. I’m not a big fan of alpha male characters. I’m a helpless romantic and I love sweet talks. I’m not saying the book wasn’t romantic, because it was, but there were some parts where I thought the conversations <dirty talks> came a bit strong and kind of ruined the beauty of the moment. It all started very sweet and breath-taking but then, it turned too rough, at least for my taste.

Overall, the story was very interesting. The book ends with a cliffhanger and beyond that, there’s so much more to know about Jackson, his life, his thoughts, his feelings.


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