Book Review: Callum and Harper (Sleepless #1) by Fisher Amelie


Title: Callum and Harper (Sleepless #1)
Author: Fisher Amelie
Rating: rating-5

“One day, you and I are gonna’ wake up and be alright. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day. One day. I promise you.”

callumandharperI can’t even begin to describe how much I love this book. I have a hole in my heart right now, just thinking that I finished this book. I should’ve taken my time, but then again… I couldn’t stop. I was completely in, and I couldn’t get out of Callum’s and Harper’s world, even if I wanted to. Which I didn’t, by the way.

Ok so, we have Harper, and we have Callum. Two complete strangers, who happen to be in the same place, at the same time, Social Services. Yeah, they’ve been kicked out of their foster homes once they turned eighteen, and they now need to face the world on their own. But, what if they didn’t? What if they can take care of each other? They both know how hard it can be, to be on their own. They both know how much life can suck at times, so why not face it together? And right there, after getting through the door, that’s the moment when their life changes. There’s no going back.

“Harper Bailey made me feel like a freakin’ rockstar instead of the nobody I really was.”

Well… wow. I meant what I said before. Every time I think of Callum and Harper, my heart fills with love and joy, but at the same time my stomach drops, because it’s over, because I can’t meet them for the first time again. I am madly in love with these two. Especially Callum. That boy will win anyone’s heart in a second, even less than that.

This is the first book of Fisher Amelie’s Sleepless series. Callum and Harper are two kids who’ve seen nothing but the ugly side of the world. They’ve had to struggle through life, jumping from one foster home to another, having to deal with cruel people all around them. There have been a few small moments of joy in their lives, but nothing enough to make their life a good one.Every time a little bit of their past was revealed, my heart broke a little more. Well, not until they met. Callum and Harper are two characters that if they’re not strong, I don’t know what they are.

“Oh, just that you and I are walking a razor thin line and I’m trying to find out if it’s sharp enough to actually hurt us.”
“Anything can hurt you, Harper. Even things you’re supposed to be able to count on can hurt you.”

This book… well, there’s something particular to it. It is frustrating as hell. It is full with swoon-wrothy moments, in which you’ll die of happiness. Your heart will fill with joy and giddiness, and so much love. But there are moments in which it will break into tiny little pieces, because it’s not easy to deal with the things they had to deal with. And then… well, we have the frustrating moments in which I really wanted to smack some sense into them. I really can’t tell you how beautiful this book is, because there are no words, you’ll just have to trust me and read it.

This is a book about friendship, unconditional love and trust.

This is “the ultimate teasing. The ultimate flirtation.”

You can’t not love it with all your heart.

Harper Bailey. Man, if there’s a girl I love and admire is her. She’s been through so much in her life, but she’s still standing and the most unbelievable thing, she’s still lets herself trust. She found this guy, and she’s incredibly attracted to him, yes, but well beyond that, she sees good. Who can say that and actually mean it? After having to deal with some pretty crappy hand in life… she’s still able to trust, and be good to people, and to love, and to do it unconditionally. That’s amazing. She’s unbelievable.

Now Callum. Oh my Callum!!!!!!!!! I’m trying to think what to say about him and all I can think is… I have butterflies in my stomach. Still. I finished this book yesterday, and I still have the butterflies. He’s the sweetest thing. He’s the kind of guy you can rely on, no matter what. He’s the kind of guy who will see you just the way you are, and accept you just like that. He’s the kind of guy who will always try to see the positive side of everything. He’s the kind of guy you fall instantly, deeply, madly in love with. I loved everything about him.

“All I could hear was Harper, all I could smell was Harper, all I could feel was Harper, all I could see was Harper, all I could taste…was Harper. I would do anything for her. I would die for her.”

I just can’t wait to read Thomas and January. I knooooow it will be perfect.

Thank you Fisher, for giving us these amazing characters. This heartbreaking, and shattering, and beautiful story. Thank you for giving us the chance to fall in love with them. Just thank you.

Oh, and thank you for introducing me to Please Don’t Go by Barcelona. Can you be in love with a song? Because I am deeply and madly in love with it.

“We don’t always get what we want, do we? But then again, sometimes we do.”


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