Book Review: City of Heavenly Fire (TMI #5) by Cassandra Clare


Name: City of Heavenly Fire (TMI #6)

Author: Cassandra Clare

Rating: rating-5

City of Heavenly FireHow can I write this review? How? This is the LAST book of The Mortal Instruments!!! No more Jace & Clary, Simon & Izzy, Alec & Magnus… yeah, I’m nostalgic already and I just finished it last night. City of Heavenly Fire is one of my favorites of the series. Actually, they all are my favorites, but this one has a especial place in my heart, wanna know why? Jace & Clary of course. This is their chance to be together, after all they went through, they deserve it. But of course, it’s never that easy, right?

This book had it all. It was intense, it was romantic, it was funny, it was sad. I cried for characters I never thought I would and laughed at their silly things. I was swooning and I was worried. It was so goddamn awesome.

City of Heavenly Fire is the last book (like I said before) of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. After everyone was aware of Sebastian’s existence and his plan, there were a lot of things that had to be done, except that the Clave insisted on doing the wrong choices, starting by believing what they wanted to believe and not listening to the ones who knew better. Clary and her friends are, once again, in the position to fight, to make sacrifices to save the ones they love. In this book, we also got to meet Emma and Julian. These two are something special. When I first heard there was going to be a sequel based on Emma’s life, I wasn’t really interested about it,mI actually said I wouldn’t read it, but after meeting them… I’m actually intrigued. I curious to see how this will turn out.

I loved reading about Jace & Clary, they make me happy, but they weren’t the only ones. Simon & Izzy were a couple I was always interested in this book. I used to get really annoyed with Simon but not in this book, not with Izzy. And Alec, poor Alec, I was always so worried about him. I really, really loved how the book turned out. The story was incredibly amazing and interesting. I just wished the book didn’t have to end :(.

I love them all and I’m going to miss them so badly.


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