Book Review: Contessa (Choisie #1) by Lori L. Otto



Name: Contessa (Choisie #1)

Author: Lori L. Otto

Rating: rating-4


20922567Sorry for the long review. I just loved this book and have a lot to say about it and I might get carried away.

I apologize to Lori because it took me so long to read this. But yes, Lori! I read it, finished it and loved it. 

Contessa is the story of Olivia Sophia Holland. She’s Emi’ and Jack’s daughter. She’s a teenager who’s starting to see the world through her own eyes and wants to explore more, have more of it, and not by herself of course… There’s Jon. Jon Augustus Scott. But there are rules. Contessa is a story of self discovery, growing up and love. But this is also a story that will show you the hard part of being a teenager and how rough relationships between parents and daughters (in this case) can be. 

My thoughts:
First, let me tell you something.. It is no surprise that I loved this story. I mean, it’s Lori L. Otto we are talking about. I can’t not love her books. That being said, let me tell you what I thought about the story.

I thought Contessa was a complicated book to read. Why? Simply because I’m not a teenager anymore and the attitude Olivia had towards some things was just so infuriating. But I guess that’s just how kids are these days. I don’t remember being that defiant. Just know that this book shows you exactly how kids act, well at least some. It is real. The thoughts, the attitude, the way Olivia saw everything… I thought it was pretty accurate to how a teenager would think and act. Lori’s an expert writing real characters and real stories. It’s amazing, how they always are just so right. 

I loved Contessa. This is a wonderful story that goes after the Emi Lost & Found series. Like I said before, this is about self discovery. Olivia is just starting to see the world through her own eyes, experiencing new things with not so new people, this includes Jack, Emi, Donna and Jon. She’s exploring new things as an artist too and that’s helping her understand her life a little better, to grow up as a person, it just took her a while to see the real meaning of her art. 

This book has so much love in it. It has a husband’s love towards his wife; a wife’s love towards her husband; their love towards their children. A boyfriend and a girlfriend’s love towards each other. But mostly, a dad’s love towards his daughter. And not only a dad’s love… It’s Jack’s love towards Livvy. And that’s beautiful, because every time Jack talked to Livvy, I could see and hear in my mind how much he loved her. It was like I was there, I saw Jack’s expressions, heard his love for his daughter in every word he said… and I know this might sound insane, but I swear I felt it that way. It was impossible to read this and not feel how in love Jack was with his daughter (and I mean this in a fatherly way, not a creepy one!!!!), but you could see this from the moment he met her. 

While I was reading Contessa I was constantly frustrated, because Olivia’s actions were too childish sometimes… But I also understood why she acted the way she did, after all, she was just a child. Until she realized that she had to take her responsibilities seriously… There’s was never going to be any chance for her to be taken as an adult.

The book is focus on one relationship in particular. You would think it was Jon’s and Olivia’s relationship, but to me, it was between Jack and Olivia. There was obviously a huge wall between them, one that Olivia had put there, one that Jack was constantly trying to take down. Their relationship was breaking and breaking with every passing day, because Olivia didn’t want to see the beauty in it. So, it was heartbreaking for me to see how hurtful she was sometimes. Let me talk a little about the characters.

Olivia HollandWhen I fist met her, she was the sweetest thing. Now, she’s all grown up and wants to be on her own. Do what she wants, be with whoever she wants. Yes, she’s kind of a brat, but she has the biggest heart. She’s compassionate, she adores her family, even when she wasn’t acting very maturely, I knew she loved them. I loved her relationship with Emi, it was beautiful to see how trusting they both were with each other. Emi was her mom, but she was also her friend. But Emi is like that. 

Olivia’s art is something especial too. That bond she thought she had with Nate, at first I thought it was so amazing, that she could feel the way she did about someone she hadn’t met. That she admired him so much. But then, it totally changed. I hated how she made Nate a bad influence, something that would eventually hurt her family so badly. That would hurt Jack and Emi so much. 

I love Nate, Lori knows this. He’s my number one book boyfriend. And I felt so protective about him reading this book, because Livvy was damaging his image before everyone else’s eyes (not mine of course). It wasn’t fair. And just so we are clear… I know Nate wasn’t perfect. I know this. But he’s one character that will stick forever with me. I don’t agree with whoever thinks he couldn’t have been a great father. He would have. He would’ve done ANYTHING for Emi and his family, if he’d had the chance. He would’ve made Emi happy. He would’ve have grown up, done things differently. I know it. Yes, she’s one of the 3 characters with whom I’ve thought was possible to have two loves. BUT I do think Jack was, is and will always be the perfect father for Olivia. 

Jack has such an important role in this book and Olivia’s life. He’s always been so supportive of her and I hated she couldn’t see that. She couldn’t see past the fact that he was “too protective”. I guess, he kind of was, but I guess he has a lot of reasons to be. I loved Jack a lot more in this book. I saw some of his flaws, something that I didn’t see in TSS or NLB. This book made him a lot more real to me. And I loved how he loved Olivia, even after everything she had said… But I guess that swap hat fathers do. 

Jon ScottJon. Jon. Jon. Well, he is something. He’s mature, he’s passionate about the people and things he loves. He’s ambitious, respectful, honorable. But he’s also kind of bad. Not bad for Livvy, but like… He’s defiant. He wanted to show her everything, and at first, I did think they were going too fast. Something that he’ll realize later. I loved him. How sweet he was with Livvy. How he’d stand up to Jack and anyone for that matter, to defend Livvy. He loves her, that much is clear. And he knows what he wants and what he needs. When he thought they needed space, he said it. He was honest and I loved that about him.

Oh and Donna? That lady is just too much. She’s an amazing granna. I loved that she loved Olivia just as if she were her granddaughter for real. She’s too loving, she cares a lot about people, especially those around her. I loved her from the very start.

This book is just another reason of why I love Lori. 



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