Book Review: Days Like This by Danielle Ellison


Title: Days Like This
Author: Danielle Ellison

Rating: rating-3.5

**ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

3.75 stars.

“We were nothing, but we were everything.”

dayslikethisThis was such a nice surprise! I love it when I find books by authors I know absolutely nothing about, and they turn out to be a good one. This book was just a sweet story about self-discovery and finding that happy ending and the good side of the life you’ve been given.

Days Like This introduces us to the life of a girl who’s had to deal with a sick mother her entire life, a mother who’s more of a child than she is. Then, we have a boy, who’s the king of guy who’d give his life for the girl next door, and you could say he has, in a way. Cassie Harlen has been running away from her life for the last year searching for a second chance in life. She turned her back on the mother who had more downs than ups, and a boy she loved (and still does) with all her heart, all because of fear. Fear of the unknown, of the what ifs. What if she turned out to be just like her mom? What if he leaved her? What if he stopped loving her? What if he ended up hating her for what she is or could be? Too many things clouded Cassie’s mind, so she had to get away. She wanted to give herself the time and space she needed to find peace, and she wanted to give Graham the time and space to find something better, something that wouldn’t end up hurting him at the end… only she realized too late that she had already hurt him.

Life’s too short for what ifs, don’t you guys agree? We can only count on the things that actually are, embrace the good ones, and learn from the bad ones. During her time off, Cassie managed to “move on”, in a way, only not completely. There was still a part of her that wanted, needed to go back. There was a part of her that still cared for the boy next door, and the mother she left behind. They were her family, no matter what. So, when a sudden call makes her go back, she embarks on this roller coaster of a journey, in which she must do her best to mend the things she broke.

“Some things were better off left in the past where they couldn’t be touched or changed. Others were full of promise.”

First good sign about the book? Well, it had my complete attention. Every time I was reading, I couldn’t stop, and the times I wasn’t reading, I was thinking about reading it. That’s always a good thing, isn’t it? Then, we have the characters. Cassie is the kind of girl who’s all about the walls she puts up. No one gets in, nothing gets out. She’s not one to trust easy, so the people she does trust, know absolutely everything about her. I liked the way she did the things she set her mind to do. When she wanted something, she went after it, even if it was a fantastic happiness, which didn’t include Graham. She’s determined. I loved her passion about music and how it managed to get the best of her, even when she didn’t want it to.

Then we have Graham. Well, what can I say… I fall in love pretty easily. He can’t see someone suffering because he hurts too. In this case, he’d had to make his heart stronger for this kind of situations, but still, he couldn’t stop caring. He knew when something was wrong with Cassie, like he was still part of her enough to realize it.  His good heart was always in the right place, even if Cassie didn’t see it. I just loved him. He’s looking for a way to move on, but the only way to do that, is to be honest with himself and accept what his heart wants.

I loved Cassie Harlen. I had never really stopped.”

I really enjoyed getting inside Cassie’s and Graham’s heads. They’re two different people who manage to complete each other, it’s like they share a heart. I wished I could’ve known more about them as a couple though, it felt like it wasn’t enough, but what I did know, I loved it. I truly enjoyed how the story developed, because it managed to explain every single situation in a way that you could see the character’s struggles, feel how they were feeling, without getting distracted. It completely kept my attention, from page one.

If you’re looking for a nice and light read, this might be a good choice. I liked it a lot.


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