Book Review: Demanding Ransom by Megan Squires


Title: Demanding Ransom

Author: Megan Squires

Rating: rating-4.5

“It’s not natural to forgive. It’s a choice, one that has to be intentionally made in order for it to be real.”

I absolutely adored this book. I have read Megan’s other books and this one is definitely my favorite! There were several moments that made me laugh, and other moments that made me tear up. It was an emotional roller coaster but the ride was so worth it!
Maggie has been through quite a bit in her short life. Her mother up and left when she was young so she grew up with her Dad and younger brother. They’re a close-knit family and when tragedy strikes not once, but twice, Maggie is left to pick up the pieces and keep her family together. That is until Ransom AKA “Ran” rescues her, literally, and a unique friendship is forged between the two.

“Your name is Ransom?”
“I just figured it was Randolph or something,” I admit.
“I’m not a reindeer.” I try not to spray my soda out through my nose.
“That’s Rudolph, idiot.”
“I’m not that either.”

Ran is able to weasel his way into Maggie’s life with his charm, good looks, and wicked sense of humor. He’s never been serious about anyone until she came along, and he can’t get her out of his head. I was really frustrated with Maggie at times because she refused to let Ran in and was pretty rude to him on several occasions. Then I would remind myself that she’s been through quite an ordeal and has a lot on her plate. Thankfully Ran was patient and persistent.

“When will you get over the idea that life is all about owing people? The only person you owe anything to is yourself, and that’s the chance to prove that you’re capable of doing this.”

This book is a wonderful story about forgiveness and letting people in. It’s about healing and finding your inner strength to keep moving forward, no matter what life may throw at us. It’s about giving people second chances and realizing that in order to let go, we must forgive. I highly recommend this book. It’s sweet, emotional, funny and will have you swooning on quite a few occasions 😉

“You’re just you. All on your own. It’s not like you need me to be complete or I need you, I just know that being around you makes me feel better about life. You add to me, Maggie. And I want more of you.” *Sigh* Ran


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