Book Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


Name: Eleanor & Park

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Rating: rating-5


e&pLike seriously I’m almost speechless right now. Eleanor and Park took my breath away. I am totally and completely in love with this book (and Park). I really cried…I’m still freaking crying. There were so many memorable quotes that I just wanna tattoo on my heart it’s not even funny (but this book definitely had its funny moments)

I can only think of one character that was as pure and beautiful and perfect as Park. He owns me.

The ending really got to me. I had a feeling this book would do that to me but man I couldn’t hold back the water works. I wish oh so badly for a sequel…I need one


Rating: rating-5

This book, oh this book. The word beautiful doesn’t begin to cover it. Wow! Seriously, WOW!

This is the story of Eleanor, a girl who’s part of a troubled home, but she does whatever she can to survive. She’s kind of awkward, but she doesn’t care. Park.. he comes from a home full of love and understanding. His parents act exactly how they should, like loving and concern parents. He’s reserved, he has friends but he enjoys being alone. He is how he is and that’s ok with him. When these two misfits find each other, they bond over things so normal, like X-Men and U2. This is a story of first love, friendship, trust, family and so much more.

Eleanor & Park is a beautiful, awkward and heartbreaking story. This book shows a side of love that is completely awkward and cute, but it’s all just so sweet. It was kind of refreshing to read about a couple like Eleanor & Park, they are kids and I loved that they acted like kids, but somehow, they’re also so mature for their age. One has everything he could ask for, the other has to do everything she can to survive that nightmare her family calls home. But when they find each other, Park some people have it worse, that he is lucky to have a place and a family he can call home. And Eleanor learns that life does have nice things to offer, like an asian kid who’s willing to lend you his comics.

This is completely different from what I’ve been reading lately… It was incredibly amazing. I loved Park, he was my favorite, he was sweet and dorky, but always true to his heart. And even thought the ending was not what I was expecting… it’s beautiful. Everything about Eleanor & Park is absolutely perfect.


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