Book Review: Emerge (Evolve #1) by S.E. Hall


Hall, S.E - Emerge

Name: Emerge (Evolve #1)

Author: S.E. Hall

Rating: 4 stars / 4.5 stars 


This book has been a little bit like torture. From the very first moment, I was so anxious, wanting to know what exactly was going to happen next. Especially since it reminded me soo much of the Emi Lost & Found series (you know, Nate-Emi-Jack). But seriously… This wasn’t easy because I got so mad at all the main characters. Everything they did was extremely infuriating. now may be wondering why I gave it 4 stars, aren’t you?

Here it goes.

First, let’s talk a little bit about the plot. This is a pretty typical story line, it has a girl with trust issues, a wonderful but flawed best friend and a boy who keeps showing up (yes, there’s a love triangle). Laney is a girl who’s grown up knowing only the love and appreciation of her father and her best friend Evan. Those two are her constants, her stability. Evan and Laney have been best friends for the past 10 years or so, but only admitted they had feelings for each other at the end of senior year. Some college letters came, others didn’t, so both Laney and Evan are forced to be apart. So they now have to endure the misery of having to create a new life away from all they know. Each other. Here comes the boy who keeps showing up. Dane Kendrick. As soon as they meet, there’s something. A connection. Something clicked. So as they start to get to know each other more and more, and her relationship with Evan keeps deteriorating with every passing day… Confusion settles in. She’s no longer so sure about her feelings towards Evan nor her new feelings towards Dane. She only knows she doesn’t want to hurt the one guy who’s always been there for her but she doesn’t want to let go what she’s feeling whenever she’s with Dane.

So… back to my explanation. I really liked this book. It was so interesting it hooked me from the start. Like I said, I was super anxious about everything. So much so, I almost broke my rule of asking what happens next. Yes, I asked my dear BBS what happened a few times, but she knows better than to tell me anything haha.

There are 3 POVs here, which were pretty helpful, since this way you get to know what each character is thinking and how he/she is feeling. The characters were… Well, infuriating to say the least. At first, I was all team Evan & Laney! He was so sweet to her, he reminded me a lot of Nate from Emi L&F. I knew he was truly in love with her. And she seemed to be in love with him too. I liked Laney and I surely liked Evan. But as soon as college started, everything went to hell. Evan is a young boy, that was our reasoning, our conclusion. He’s just a boy and he wasn’t ready to have a relationship just yet. So he screwed up a few times. He still had some things to learn.

Laney… She, well.. I liked her, but as the story went, she became someone completely different. As soon as she met Dane, all her walls went down, and she didn’t even thought about it. I thought she could’ve done things differently. I understand she realized she had a fresh new start ahead of hers and she should establish her own priorities, but.. She never really did. She went on, letting her confusion take over her, playing both sides of the fence, which I’m so not ok with. She never really gave Evan a true chance to fight for her. And she never second-guessed Dane. She let him take everything as he liked and she never really demanded anything from him, not even the truth. So, talk about hypocrisy and cowardice.

And Dane… I didn’t like him from the start. I think, even with all his flaws, I still pick Evan. To me Dane will always be the other guy. He had (and still has) something that made me think he was hiding too many things about himself. And why not come clean? A relationship can’t just be based on just one part’s story.

So, let me explain the rating. I liked the book, I enjoyed it pretty much. There were a lot of things that got me really mad at the main characters. All three of them kept screwing up with the other one, with all the lies, secrets and stupidity. But, I could relate to the characters, especially Evan and Laney. The rest of them, not so much. I understood their friendship and their relationship. It was based on honesty and trust and unconditional love. I didn’t understand though how she could be so blind when it came to Dane. I think she should’ve asked or pressed Dane a bit more from the start to get him to come clean about his life.

It’s a good story. I liked it a lot and I’m interested in knowing what going to happen next. 🙂



I really, really enjoyed Emerge! I think I have a weakness for College New Adult books and this one just added to my habit!

S. E. Hall did an amazing job with the writing! The style was flawless and I like how the story progressed.

Even with this being said, this was my first love triangle where I hated all three characters. The story is about Laney, just your average girl, falling in love with her best friend, Evan. Things start getting interesting when Laney and Evan have to part ways to go to college and she starts meeting new people, specifically Dane.

I kinda feel like I’m reading about three of the shadiest people ever!! Was I this stupid at 18??? Please tell me it isn’t so! There was soooooo much going on! I got whiplash trying to pick a team!

The ending had me so engaged I couldn’t stop reading! I’m so glad I buddy read this with my blog sister, Daniela, or I would have been a nervous wreck. I am sooooo looking forward to the next book!



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